1st Asian Skateboarding Championship

December 8th, 2016   
Less than two weeks ago today, the Asian Skateboarding Championships were held in Shanghai, China. 11/25/2016-11/27/2016. You might be thinking, “I didn’t even know that was a thing?!” And although it’s not in the limelight of our mainstream skateboarding media, it IS on the come-up and will continue to grow in preparation for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The skaters were shredding so hard, and we’re stoked to see where Asian skateboarding goes from here.
The culture of the Chinese brings up its skateboarders, and it teaches precision through action and intention. It showed. At the Asian Championship at SMP (Shanghai Mega Park), most of the Chinese skaters were threading runs together with the most technical
First ever...

First ever…

tricks and impeccable style. But it wasn’t only the Chinese that had style and talent in their skating. Contenders from Indonesia, Iran, Singapore, Japan, The Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Nepal and China all brought the heat and made it a hard day for the judges.


In the street division of the contest, Japanese competitors each took first. Kaede Yoshikawa won for the men, and Aori Nishimura took first place among the women. Many more came and ripped so hard! Much support to all the skaters in the contest, the greater Asian skateboarding community and the international competitive skateboarding scene.

With Neil Hendrix as part of the recent directed insurgence of skating in China (and into all of Asia), The Boardr behind the logistics of the competition and Vans as a main supporter of the event, it was looking good from the beginning, but now it has happened. Come and gone. We’re sure this event will evolve to become a staple in the international skateboarding community and a strong part of the international competition circuit.
And now we know what to look forward to next year!
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