Dew Tour visits Long Beach

July 27th, 2016   
Mountain Dew has long been the ringmaster of all Dew Tour events, reaching as far as Portland, New York City, Vegas and San Francisco. Each city has inspired that contest’s terrain, unique to its own spirit. And this past weekend, Dew Tour took its traveling event to one of the United States’ true epicenters of skateboarding: Long Beach, CA.
The sun was out and raining UV rays for the crowd. The temperatures were hot, but the caliber of skating was making the event even hotter. From our long-time favorite pros like Theotis Beasley and Billy Marks to young guns like Louie Lopez and Tre Williams, the rosters were stacked and ready to fire. The summer heat of Southern California wasn’t enough to stop any of them. The first day of competition invited eighteen of the world’s most talented skaters to compete at the fabricated courses in the parking lot of the Long Beach Convention Center and Aquarium. The second day consisted of Dew Tour’s first ever pro team competition.
The calm before the storm at Dew Tour Long Beach

The calm before the storm at Dew Tour Long Beach

The most unique aspect of the weekend’s contests was the multi-faceted concentration of skateboarding required for a great all-around performance and a high-placing contest finish. There were four separate and very distinct courses set up for the riders: “Tech,” “Bowl,” “Rails” and “Gaps.” The Tech Course consisted of myriad boxes, ledges, step-ups, flat rails, and manual pads, each with their own shape, dimensions and angles. The course was well-designed and suggested lots of ways to hit them in lines. In the team challenge, TJ Rogers represented bLind Skateboards in the best way possible to bring them the Tech section win going forward.
The Bowl Course consisted of one square bowl with the west-side wall jutting in a bit, the east-side wall hosting an 8-foot-tall extension with deathbox and the northside wall with a steep tombstone extension. The transition looked fast but mellow enough to really unleash a full bag of tricks. Team-wise, Curren Caples took the top spot in the Bowl section for Flip Skateboards to put his team in a better position for the Rails section up next.
The Dew Tour’s Rails Course was one for the books! With A-frame rails, rainbow rails, long flat rails and standard hand rails, there were options for every grind and slide variation you could think of. With no advantage to any one rider, the Rails section was completely annihilated by each and every selected Rails section rider. When the teams took the courses, Micky Papa killed it for bLind Skateboards to pull in the Rails section top spot and secure a 1st place overall standing headed into the final section.
The last section of the contest was the Gaps section. Understandably, the final course to be skated, the gaps are the bangers of skateboarding. They provide the most “oooh”s and “ahhh”s of any other section, especially for the non-skaters in the crowd. Everyone can relate to hucking it and making the board spin, so the Gaps course took the hammers to the end of each day. Plan B SkateboardsChris Joslin stomped the most and best tricks in the final section to se

The bLind squad, accepting their 1st Place Team Challenge finish!

The bLind squad, accepting their 1st Place Team Challenge finish!

cure a Gaps course win for his team.

When the long days were done and the crowds had been pleased, the Awards Ceremonies were the only things left for the crowds to witness. And the glory was there for the individual winners and Team Challenge winners alike. Coming in the top three spots for individual competitors were Ryan Decenzo (3rd), Louie Lopez (2nd), and Ryan Sheckler (1st). Congrats to Ryan on his 16th Dew Tour win at Dew Tour’s first ever contest in Long Beach! On the second competition day of Dew Tour, the Team Challenges proved bLind Skateboards to be the ultimate victors. Big ups to the bLind guys and all of their hard work!
So much entertainment for one weekend! After all the ups and down, the makes and the slams, Dew Tour in Long Beach is a wrap! The first Long Beach tour stop winners are history, and the tricks are now mere footage. It’s special that Dew Tour decided to make its presence known in Long Beach, one of the hottest hotbeds in skateboarding. We’re grateful for an amazing event, and we hope to see you all out there next year!

New (Cute) Chocolate Skateboards Mini Series

July 20th, 2016   
Sanrio Co., Ltd., a longtime highlight of kawaii culture from Japan, has a history of collaborating with American companies and licensing characters to others for use in their industries. The official home of Hello Kitty might not have had experience with the skateboarding industry before, but Chocolate Skateboards was the first company willing to jump in and work with Sanrio to give never-been-done board graphics to some of their pros.
Kenny Anderson, Chris Roberts and Jerry Hsu had decks made using the Sanrio-licensed Japanese character, Chococat, on custom planks, and we can’t say we don’t like it. In a bold move, Chocolate reminds us of their silliness and tendency to avoid the serious militant vibe of skateboarding that we so often see today.
The Chocolate Skateboards Chococat series and the Girl Skateboards Gudetama series

The Chocolate Skateboards Chococat series and the Girl Skateboards Gudetama series

After a bit of simple Googling (or Bing-ing, for those that refuse to accept the norm), we learned that Chococat is a playful yet scatterbrained cat character that loves to hang out with his other comically animated buddies in their alternate reality. But in reality, these decks are great-quality for everyday ripping.
Chocolate wood is always good to go, providing pop for days, solid shapes, and impressive durability. We’d expect no less from an LA-based, American-run brand that’s been in business since 1994. The boys at Crailtap know how to make good product, and this ridiculous Sanrio Chococat series is no exception. Find these fine products at your local skateshop or right here on

Volcom has us Holy Stoked

July 13th, 2016   
Volcom Stone has been a household name since I can remember, as a twenty-something year-old skate nerd. Always for the surfers, always for the skaters, always for the posers. But always what you wanted. Volcom. They’ve been making full-length skate videos for quite some time, their first being “Alive We Ride” in 1993. That first one, amongst many, was a crossover (surf AND skate) film, but there have been some classic skate-only films produced by the in-house production company. Chicagof was an instant classic, many would argue, and the Volcom skate team is always heavily stacked.
Pick a card, any card at all. Tranny rippers, tech gods, and big rail chompers alike find their homes at the Volcom camp. And if it were ever highlighted, it’s right here in this new feature film, “Holy Stoked!” The film opens up with a full, double part of young-gun-all-grown-up, Louie Lopez. In my humble opinion, he had the best skate part of the video but is too young to hold the torch of Volcom’s legacy (last part). Not quite yet, but hang in there Louie! Next up is the bit more veteran, Chris Pfanner. Simple tricks, best style. That’s all you need to know. Planner shares a part with the new Real pro, Kyle Walker. So many crowd favorites came right out the gate, that we didn’t know what to think! Also, there was a trend of Vans & adidas riders so heavy that we were starting to be amazed by the amount some of these dudes have filmed for multiple “blockbuster” films like these. So much respect!
Following the first three riders’ parts, there’s a short skit reiterating the California drought and its significance to skating pools… Which segued into a nice pool riding part. A shared part isn’t usually that FIRE, but with THIS team, it definitely was. Everyone from CJ Collins to Omar Hassan and David Gonzalez to Collin Provost. The mix was as real as the tricks were. And each spot as fun to see as the next skater. The 4-K production and cinematography was done so in a way that emphasized the pure energy that is skating pools. So the pool skating part was pure stoke as a spectator. If you’ve never wanted to skate a pool, it might make you reconsider. And if you’re through and through with it, it might just make you fall in love again.
The 4-K onslaught continues, as Russell Houghton brings another crucial facet of skating to the screen – the picnic table. How many people have skated on or seen people skate on the picnic tables and benches of their schoolyards and parking lots? Each and every one of us. So bringing a picnic table to the desert, the beach, the jetway, every place you can imagine was a really nice touch and tribute to what being a street skater is all about. Jordan Trahan, Daan van der Linden, Kyle Walker, and all the homies completely destroy these picnic table(s) with scenic background, and it is so symbolic to skaters everywhere. Bravo, Volcom!
Daan van der Linden

Daan van der Linden

The video continued to include the likes of Ryan Sheckler, Alex Midler, Pedro Barros, Milton Martinez, Ben Raemers and more. And every skater brought their own flavor to the brand. Their own spice to the video. And their own stoked to “Holy Stoked!” Even Dustin Dollin, who didn’t have a single landed trick in the video, brought his own spin to Volcom and everything that they stand for. I would go on, but I think you should honestly just watch the video and create your own perspective.
Volcom has done it again, which means words can’t quite describe the experience that you’re headed for. Dive in and pay attention. Turn off your phone, so Instagram can’t notify you of every insignificant clip. Dust off those glasses, so you can see every dusty detail. And grab a beer to calm your nerves, so you don’t have a heart attack when you see the madness unfold. It’s time to get stoked.
Holy Stokes!

Long Beach Agenda Show

July 13th, 2016   
And so it was time. That time of year, for Agenda in June. Long Beach, California had drawn people from far and wide within the skateboarding industry. Shop owners, sales reps, brand managers, and pro skaters alike. The Long Beach Convention Center housed the trade show, but skateboarding and other lifestyles held the vibes together.

Agenda – June 2016

Skateboarding isn’t the only activity that fuels the brands at this trade show, but skaters definitely make the show what it is. Industry vets, interns and road reps all came together to stay in touch, open new accounts, reveal new product lines, and just hang out! Always a blast to get together with skate-minded folk, Agenda makes the time for everyone to convene.

Jamie’s Leap of Faith

Most of our favorite brands were there and showing off future product. Many of the brands we carry were hanging out, and we were stoked to say “hi.” Pizza Skateboards had a popular spot, Dwindle Dist. had a cool booth (complete with insert-face-here image of the Leap of Faith), and Surplus Distribution was repping Mystery and LE!
The after-parties and free goodies didn’t hurt ;), but we we’re just stoked to be around skating and skaters in Southern California.
Can’t wait ’til the next one in January!