Quit Your Day Job Vid

December 29th, 2016   
Most people don’t know exactly what you mean when and if you say the words “women’s skateboarding.” It’s still just beginning to blossom like skateboarding did for males so many years ago… There had not been a full-length girl-only skate video in over a decade, but that has been changed for the better because of the passion and dedication of two producers, Monique O’Toole and Erik Sandoval.
The vision for this era’s all-female skateboarding video was an ambitious one and a brave move. Even men often don’t get paid well to ride a skateboard, and their female counterparts (generally) are at least twenty years behind on that curve. All those long nights at lit up spots and weeks on the couch nursing injuries are rewarded with nothing but the love of skateboarding. I don’t mean to imply that the love of skateboarding isn’t freaking amazing. It is, and otherwise no one would be breaking themselves without getting a check in the mail. But it’s important to acknowledge the drive and perseverance required to keep skating hard, day in and day out for an eventual shot at a career in this thing.
Samarria Brevard - Crooked Grind

Samarria Brevard – Crooked Grind

Quit Your Day Job is the most recent and best attempt at an all-female skate video: they absolutely nailed it. The vision of Monique & Erik coupled with the raw talent of so many skaters made it everything we all want in a full-length video. With an opener from Mariah Duran, they booted it up with some serious skating (and she turned pro at the premiere!). We’re not going to give away the full line-up and ender, but there are solid full parts from young shredders like Samarria Brevard and Savannah Headden, alongside veterans like Vanessa Torres. The vibe of the video is quasi-early 2000s, with structured parts and a solid soundtrack. The editing is almost flawless, coordinated with music and b-roll in a playful yet real way. And the skill level of these girls is fully mind-blowing! To be honest, there is a difference in the skill level of professional skateboarding by guys and girls, but this video will blow you away. Almost every single minute, you will see something that draws a reaction. You’ll want more of it, and at the end of the feature you’ll be wondering when the sequel will be released.
Get your hands on a copy somehow! Their crowdfunding campaign was a success, so check out that page for more info. See for yourself how real and rad women’s skateboarding has become! It’ll stoke you out more than you know, we’re sure.
At the end of the day, we’re all skateboarders, and we all deserve similar opportunities for our craft. As a pro skater, it’s crucial to be supported while living the dream, and we hope that skateboarding grows to be more inclusive of all the girls growing up now, in the skateparks and the streets alike!
Now Monique, where’s Quit Your Day Job II?!?!

K Walks: Skater of the Year 2016

December 23rd, 2016   
This year’s SOTY race was arguably the closest of all time. Over the last five or six years, Thrasher (and skateboarding in general) has made the annual Skater of the Year award into something much more than just bragging rights. SOTY has become a skateboarding pop symbol, one hell of a party and a highly anticipated end-of-year conversation starter in skate communities worldwide. No matter how much YOU anticipated the winner of this year’s Skater of the Year, the real contenders were no doubt aplenty.
With ATVs like Evan Smith and Elijah Berle in the mix, powerhouses like Tiago Lemos and Dane Burman, and all-time greats like Dennis Busenitz and Brian Anderson, it was all way up in there air. The list went on and on… Figgy was another well-deserving shredder. And then there was Austyn Gillette… It seemed impossible to choose, and you know what I mean if you’ve been following skateboarding media at all this year. But it was awarded and to one of the very best, most deserving skaters in the world right now.
Kyle Walker HANDLES kinked rails.

Kyle Walker HANDLES kinked rails.

Straight outta Oklahoma, Kyle Walker represents America, the mid-west and all that is alive and well with skating big rails and gaps. A straight-up productive killer with an affinity for shutting down any spot in his path, Kyle always gets back in the van with a well-deserved Stella Artois. If you’re a photographer, filmer, teammate or TM, you should always be prepared to celebrate, because Kyle will no doubt bend the limits of what’s doable
Coming off of a solid performance in Vans’s “Propeller” (second to last part, only second to last year’s SOTY) last year, he produced footage for his full part in Volcom’s “Holy Stokes!” and various online video parts including the recent “No Other Way,” a shorter production from Vans. Kyle came out with his Vans pro shoe earlier this year and also did really well at Dew Tour in Long Beach. With the constant attitude of “let’s kill it, today” day in and day out, it’s no wonder that K Walks got the title of SOTY 2016.
For those that might be disappointed, you know that the winner deserved it. He’s as much a die hard skater as any of the other contenders and definitely pushed himself to new levels! If not convinced, watch the video below.

Politic – New to the Site!

December 16th, 2016   
Politic: adj. <(of an action) seeming sensible and judicious under the circumstances.>
Politic is not your average skateboard brand. They are anything but that. When most of the industry is based in Southern California, Politic stays with its roots on the American east coast. When most companies sponsor a mix of contest skaters and clip stackers, Politic recruited raw street skaters only. And when most are following the blueprints of many skate companies past, Politic does its own thing entirely.
Taylor Nawrocki - back tail

Taylor Nawrocki – back tail

Based in New York City, Politic never ventures far from the dirty streets of Manhattan, the very terrain that bred the culture of the brand. These guys take their pushing seriously, as they should, and people are taking note. They’ve drawn a top-notch team, including Taylor Nawrocki, Danny Renaud, Dom Henry, Dave Caddo, Quim Cardona, Joshua Bos and Steve Durante. This list of heavy hitters is no joke, and they’re paving the way for their own future. On their own terms.
Their graphics reflect the hectic energy of street skating in any metropolis, whether it be the boroughs of New York, the centro of Miami, the plazas of DC or the neighborhoods of Philly. The homage to their skaters with their pro decks are rad, to say the least; we hope you’re as stoked on them as we are.
For more Politic, check them out on our site right here.

1st Asian Skateboarding Championship

December 8th, 2016   
Less than two weeks ago today, the Asian Skateboarding Championships were held in Shanghai, China. 11/25/2016-11/27/2016. You might be thinking, “I didn’t even know that was a thing?!” And although it’s not in the limelight of our mainstream skateboarding media, it IS on the come-up and will continue to grow in preparation for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The skaters were shredding so hard, and we’re stoked to see where Asian skateboarding goes from here.
The culture of the Chinese brings up its skateboarders, and it teaches precision through action and intention. It showed. At the Asian Championship at SMP (Shanghai Mega Park), most of the Chinese skaters were threading runs together with the most technical
First ever...

First ever…

tricks and impeccable style. But it wasn’t only the Chinese that had style and talent in their skating. Contenders from Indonesia, Iran, Singapore, Japan, The Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Nepal and China all brought the heat and made it a hard day for the judges.


In the street division of the contest, Japanese competitors each took first. Kaede Yoshikawa won for the men, and Aori Nishimura took first place among the women. Many more came and ripped so hard! Much support to all the skaters in the contest, the greater Asian skateboarding community and the international competitive skateboarding scene.

With Neil Hendrix as part of the recent directed insurgence of skating in China (and into all of Asia), The Boardr behind the logistics of the competition and Vans as a main supporter of the event, it was looking good from the beginning, but now it has happened. Come and gone. We’re sure this event will evolve to become a staple in the international skateboarding community and a strong part of the international competition circuit.
And now we know what to look forward to next year!
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