Creature Skateboards “Tanked”

March 2nd, 2017   
Creature Skateboards has had a long history of great riders, sick videos and rad graphics. That might sound obvious – they’ve been around since 1994 – but they persist and continue to put out good stuff, each season & every year.
Some of the Creature Skateboards team, lurking hard.

Some of the Creature Skateboards team, lurking hard.

Most recently, Creature put out an especially dope series titled “Tanked”. Working with the man who calls himself @sketchy_tank on Instagram was a good decision on their part. It’s no new news to include pro riders’ interests in their board graphics, but the rag tag style in which they did these is unique and screams “Creature Skateboards”. Step one: make the decks green. Step two: draw images of the riders’ favorite things in life. Step three: maybe get their permission to print… Step four: send it to the presses!
Sticking with the tried & true formula, each deck tells a small story about that rider. Whether it’s David Gravette’s love for animals & beers & shenanigans or Willis Kimbel’s attraction to bikinis and shellfish, the guys at the NHS offices really hit the nail on the head. Reyes is feeling the unicorn vibes, Partanen is “beardsy,” Darren Navarette is still feeling the vampire within and Chris Russell keeps it hardcore with his graphic.
A company that holds so many transition rippers in the ranks is bound to keep it classic. But the new age spin on this throwback concept is why Creature will live long and prosper in all of its lurkdom.
Check out their new “Tanked” decks and relive CSFU in all of it glory right here:

Foundation “Oddity”

February 23rd, 2017   

Foundation Skateboards is a company started by Tod Swank in the year 1990. But much more importantly, Foundation is a crew, a team and a family. Once known as the Foundation Super Co. with past riders such as Daniel Shimizu, Brad Staba, Ethan Fowler & Heath Kirchart, Foundation has a rich history of great teams with full-length videos to accompany them. This generation of Foundation, however, is brand new and comes with a lot to prove. And their newest video, “Oddity”, was their opportunity. The team has changed a lot since it’s last full-length feature, 2010’s “WTF!”.

Most of the Fondation boys at the premiere in Santa Ana, CA.

Most of the Fondation boys at the premiere in Santa Ana, CA.

The new guys are the guys! The team is stacked with young blood like Corey Glick, more seasoned skaters like Corey Duffel, road dogs like Dakota Servold and possible 2017 SOTY, Cole Wilson. The van is filled to the brim with talent, but it’s great to know that the bros are just bros. With no big checks to light a fire under their asses, the boys are getting clips for the love of it. And they’re getting it in whenever and however often they can. Doing it for all the right reasons, the current Foundation Skateboards team was bound to create magic with their newest video. And sure enough, Oddity was a stand-out.
Between Corey, Corey, Cole and the rest of the homies, the entire video was 100% (okay, 98%) skateboarding all the way through. Ryan Spencer came out with some really unique skating, Cole Wilson and Corey Glick came out swinging at every spot, Nick Merlino almost killed himself to get the footage, Aidan Campbell made a beautiful debut and Joey Ragali pushed himself hard for this one! Truly, everyone crushed it, and no SoCal spot was left unharmed.
Specifically, the handrail game was absolutely destroyed. From skating up kinked rails to skating through 8 kinks, these dudes did the unthinkable in every way imaginable. Never Been Done’s were No Big Deal, and lack of budget came through as Better then Ever.
Foundation Skateboards has a group of guys that looks strong as hell and is keeping the brand in the highest of ranks for years to come. Don’t sleep on any of these dudes, because they’re all capable of producing en ending part for whatever their next project will be!
Now, just watch:


Evan Smith for Element Skateboards

January 10th, 2017   
Aside from annihilating everything in his path on a skateboard and being one hell of a cosmic soul, Evan Smith has been getting a huge amount of coverage in the skate scene at large over the past three years. With multiple full parts, some solo and some as part of full-length skate videos, and great skating in plenty of this past year’s major contests, Evan’s shown himself to be the full package as a pro skater.
Evan on that tour life...

Evan on that tour life…

A serious SOTY contender, a street warrior, and a wandering lovechild don’t usually coincide on one human being, but that’s probably why everyone loves Evan. Celebrating his presence on Element Skateboards’ team isn’t enough. It’s only right to make his pro deck graphics as dope as can be, and we think Element nailed it right on the head. From his recent “Ranger” deck to the Star Head Body tribute in his “Elementalist” series deck, it’s easy to see how he fits in with the brand and how his artistic lifestyle shines through in its creation.
Always an artsy fellow, he could settle in Pittsburgh as a local creative. But for Evan, the road to meaning has only begun. And skateboarding is lucky to have him as a die-hard lifer. Stay around to see the next graphics Element comes out with for Mr. @StarHeadBody.
Skaters unite! And support your favorite professionals. Keep pro boards alive by buying them yourself.
Much love,
 – Team

Politic – New to the Site!

December 16th, 2016   
Politic: adj. <(of an action) seeming sensible and judicious under the circumstances.>
Politic is not your average skateboard brand. They are anything but that. When most of the industry is based in Southern California, Politic stays with its roots on the American east coast. When most companies sponsor a mix of contest skaters and clip stackers, Politic recruited raw street skaters only. And when most are following the blueprints of many skate companies past, Politic does its own thing entirely.
Taylor Nawrocki - back tail

Taylor Nawrocki – back tail

Based in New York City, Politic never ventures far from the dirty streets of Manhattan, the very terrain that bred the culture of the brand. These guys take their pushing seriously, as they should, and people are taking note. They’ve drawn a top-notch team, including Taylor Nawrocki, Danny Renaud, Dom Henry, Dave Caddo, Quim Cardona, Joshua Bos and Steve Durante. This list of heavy hitters is no joke, and they’re paving the way for their own future. On their own terms.
Their graphics reflect the hectic energy of street skating in any metropolis, whether it be the boroughs of New York, the centro of Miami, the plazas of DC or the neighborhoods of Philly. The homage to their skaters with their pro decks are rad, to say the least; we hope you’re as stoked on them as we are.
For more Politic, check them out on our site right here.

Brian Anderson Pro for Antihero Skateboards

November 23rd, 2016   
Just a few weeks ago, BA (Brian Anderson) was announced as a professional addition to the Antihero Skateboards team – September 27th, 2016. And it had been years of us seeing him riding their skateboard decks…
After a memorable career riding for legacy brands such as Toy Machine and Girl and even having started his own board brand with 3D Skateboards, Brian had a long-standing period of time where he didn’t really HAVE a board sponsor. Content and strong with Nike SB, Supreme and Independent Trucks as his supporters, Brian moved back to the east coast, where he grew up and has been silently killing it. His current home in Queens, NY is a new place for him and his career as he moves forward as an openly gay man. For more on his recent coming out, check out our blog piece HERE.
Brian Anderson, as skaters who have followed his career loyally will know, has been a perfect fit for Antihero for years. With his powerful style, unique approach, gnarly appearance and long-time home in San Francisco, it made sense that Antihero (under SF-based Deluxe Distribution) would take him under their wing as a pro rider. If they had made that announcement at any point, it would have been a good call for the culture of the brand and for Brian as their friend. But waiting until after the coming-out unveiling made it even more significant. Basically Antihero, a brand that is well-known for its dirty street-based roots, made a strong statement along the lines of “we don’t care what your size, color or orientation are, we’re skaters and we’ve got skaters’ backs.” Contrary to the “hard ass” attitude put off by the brand over the decade(s), they took an unwavering stand on Brian’s behalf.
Skateboarding has begun to hit a tipping point of popularity, where those running the brands, teams and organizations in the industry need to remind their followers of where skaters stand, who skaters are and why we’re all listening in the first place. Skateboarding started as a complete fringe activity. Something middle-aged Americans would look down upon and elders of our culture would literally scorn. Skateboarders had no choice but to band together and stick up for one another. The only other option was to retreat into whatever other life we would settle with. It was either keep skating or give up. Over the last 25 years that street skateboarding has been alive, it has grown tremendously, shrunk almost as much and has seen a huge change in audience.
Skateboarding has become cool, yet again, in the greater American (and even international) society. And it has become shrouded by that coolness to include fair-weather fans, “posers” and those looking to take advantage of the industry. As little or as much as those people pay attention to actual skateboarding, they look up to skaters for their style, resilience and lifestyle. And now that it has the current limelight of hip urban culture, it’s important to remind the masses that skateboarding was built on inclusion. It was founded on the fact that if you skate, you’re cool. And petty opinions on human traits such as homosexuality do not alter our willingness to help our brothers and sisters.
Antihero has never compromised who they are as a team or as a brand, but they did show the skateboarding world that gay, straight, bisexual, transgender or however else you personify your sexuality, a skateboarder is a skateboarder. Period.
Brian Anderson is as much a legend now as he was before he came out. He’s as much a legend now as he was when he closed the doors at 3D Skateboards. The only thing that has changed is the fact that he has a board graphic shares Antihero’s name and his own.
Welcome to Antihero, Brian. We’re stoked they’ve got your back and glad that skateboarding does as well.
Keep skating, everyone.

Grant Taylor Independent Truck

October 11th, 2016   
It’s rare that the world of skateboarding is graced with a natural talent on the level of Grant Taylor. A gift like that is not to be wasted. GT has always stayed true to himself as a skater and for his sponsors. With major backers like Antihero Skateboards and Spitfire Wheels, it’s no surprise that Independent Trucks has him grinding with their product. One of the first and most OG truck brands keeps it real, and Grant helps the cause every day he steps on his board.
Since his humble beginnings as the shop owner’s kid in Atlanta, Georgia, Grant has never ceased to turn heads, regardless of the skatepark or street spot. Still based in Atlanta while traveling the world, he decides to keep things local, give back to his hometown and continue to represent the “dirty south” (find him on Instagram as @downsouthinhell). The multiple skate video parts under his belt, for companies like Alien Workshop, NikeSB, and Antihero, supplement footage in countless Internet edits that have risen to the top of the melting pot that is today’s skate media. Also, winning Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of the Year Award in 2011 didn’t hurt his career at all.
Far from being done with skating, Grant has propelled his influence in our industry, and in his own unique way. Much like his skating, he’s kept us on our toes. But he must know what works, because he continues to ride Indys. Independent Trucks just released his signature truck in 139mm, and we’re stoked! Also available in 129mm here and 159mm here. With his custom yet classic stamp graphic on a classic silver truck, the boys at Independent did a great job of doing GT justice.
Keep killing it, Grant! To all the skaters reading this, keep skating! And keep designing and producing epic trucks, Independent Trucks.

Heroin Skateboards: “Violence Toy”

August 17th, 2016   
Britain, historically and currently, has influenced skateboarding and continues to influence skating globally. The skate culture we know now wouldn’t be the same without figures like Geoff Rowley, Carl Shipman or Tom Penny and companies like Landscape or Blueprint. Heroin Skateboards originated from a British mastermind and has some of the best-selling decks on, so we recently sat down with Fos (Mark Foster), the founder of Heroin Skateboards, to chat about their newest graphic series: Heroin’s Violence Toys.
The man himself, Mark Foster. Photo:

The man himself, Mark Foster. Photo:

The simplest way to put it is that Heroin’s brand is, well, gnarly.. It takes you back a second the first time you hear it in conversation, especially if you’re not used to spending time in the streets. Many initially wouldn’t back the company because of that, but Fos moved forward regardless. He tells us, “I never cared about what anyone else thought. I only really do stuff for myself that I think’s good.” Between its unique team riders and explicit board graphics, Heroin has a reputation all its own.
The idea for a new board series came from a collection of modern toys. Fos reports, “…my friend in the UK has a toy company, so I’ve always sort of toyed [no pun intended] with the idea of having a series based on that for the riders. And what I’ve wanted to do was like, custom-make a character for each rider.”
A bit more research showed that custom toys on par with those he had in mind were pretty gnarly as well, with molding costs in the $1,000s. So an alternative needed to be found to make it work. A buddy, Ezra, from SD is another toy maker that made the toys we see on the current Heroin Skateboards “Violence Toys”series. Toys already on the market were used for studio photography, and Fos says it ended up working out way easier that way
Violence Toys, as per Heroin Skateboards

Violence Toys, as per Heroin Skateboards

We’re glad the series worked out, as we’re already such fans of Heroin’s brand. Though it’s not easy to say the brand’s name in front of parents at skateshops, Fos talked with us about why and how the brand was created. As it turns out, it was just a pure desire to create something original with a bit of good timing mixed in. “From 1998, I started it in a hospital bed, and I drew the original logo with my left hand… It’s pretty mellow really. It’s just fun, sort of.” If he hadn’t had that injury to his right wrist and down time after operation, Heroin might not have been what it is today. And it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. With riders like Daniel Shimizu, Tony Karr and Lee Yankou, the brand is in good hands out in the streets and skateparks.
Fos is now based in LA, drawing, skating and managing the boys. Under the umbrella of Baker Boys Distribution and available almost anywhere, including right here at our store… Long Live Herion Skateboards!

New (Cute) Chocolate Skateboards Mini Series

July 20th, 2016   
Sanrio Co., Ltd., a longtime highlight of kawaii culture from Japan, has a history of collaborating with American companies and licensing characters to others for use in their industries. The official home of Hello Kitty might not have had experience with the skateboarding industry before, but Chocolate Skateboards was the first company willing to jump in and work with Sanrio to give never-been-done board graphics to some of their pros.
Kenny Anderson, Chris Roberts and Jerry Hsu had decks made using the Sanrio-licensed Japanese character, Chococat, on custom planks, and we can’t say we don’t like it. In a bold move, Chocolate reminds us of their silliness and tendency to avoid the serious militant vibe of skateboarding that we so often see today.
The Chocolate Skateboards Chococat series and the Girl Skateboards Gudetama series

The Chocolate Skateboards Chococat series and the Girl Skateboards Gudetama series

After a bit of simple Googling (or Bing-ing, for those that refuse to accept the norm), we learned that Chococat is a playful yet scatterbrained cat character that loves to hang out with his other comically animated buddies in their alternate reality. But in reality, these decks are great-quality for everyday ripping.
Chocolate wood is always good to go, providing pop for days, solid shapes, and impressive durability. We’d expect no less from an LA-based, American-run brand that’s been in business since 1994. The boys at Crailtap know how to make good product, and this ridiculous Sanrio Chococat series is no exception. Find these fine products at your local skateshop or right here on

Pizza Skateboards: Summer Selection

June 20th, 2016   
Pizza. Is. Life. At least for these guys. Pizza Skateboards started a few short years ago and already has a stacked team, but it seems that everyone that rides for Pizza is down for the brand with or without the skrilla.
With known names such as Chase Webb but also up-and-coming brand OGs, like Michael Pulizzi and Zach “Ducky” Kovacs, the kids have a lot to look up to… But furthermore, who doesn’t like Pizza? Although they don’t have pro models at all, Pizza creates some sick artwork for their planks, especially those recently released for the summer of 2016.
The Pizza Last Supper deck is a must-have board for the wall or the feet. The unity represented by a religiously historic scene translates to American culture well. Especially pizza hungry skaters. Did someone say Pizza Party? The Pizza Pizza Bear deck is a simple and blunt version of what Pizza is all about. Dad hats and popping colors are the current rage in skating, and Pizza’s on top of hot new trendz.. The Pizza Emoji deck is an example of the non-serious attitude that we all have as skaters and the appreciation for the juvenile that keeps us young. We don’t know what this graphic implies… But it has something to do with sign language and tasty tasty pizza!
Be sure to stay in the loop as Pizza release more hot fire for your riding pleasure. And browse all the decks we currently have on We’ll be getting more and more new deck brands that suit your fancy over the summer.
So stay tuned and eat pizza.

Stereo Skateboards: “Specimen” Series

June 4th, 2016   
We see a lot of board graphics and graphics series. And we mean a LOT. But there’s one graphics series that popped out to us recently, straight from the brand of Stereo Sound Agency and the artful hand of Rich Cali. Jason Lee stated, “Rich Cali is one of my favorite artists…,” and we can’t take a stance against that word.
As any great board series does, this collection properly highlights the backgrounds and personalities of each pro team rider from the Stereo family – Clint Peterson, Kyle Leeper, Jordan Hoffart, & Tommy Fynn. And as any great board series also does, the artwork reflects the most important themes to the personality of the brand.
The series in its entirety!

The series in its entirety!

Stereo Sound Agency has always differentiated itself with “timeless, classic, and always original inspirations,” since 1992 – especially in its art direction and visual vibe. This “Specimen” assemblage shines a light on the brand’s connection and assigned importance to nature. A good friend of the Stereo family, Rich Cali, did the original artwork “by hand, ink & brush” before having it applied to skateboard decks for all of skateboarding to appreciate.
From the Vancouver-native Douglas Fir image found on Hoffart’s pro board to the South Africa-native Blue Crane used for Fynn’s pro graphic, the “Specimen” board series truly pays homage to the natural connection the team riders of Stereo Sound Agency have to their respective homelands that raised them into the men and skaters that they are today.
Pressed at Prime Distribution in Southern California, and sold at among many other retailers and skateshops, Stereo’s decks will be and always have been made from quality materials into quality shapes. We’re backing them. Are you?