Skateboarders’ Consequences of President Elect Trump

November 18th, 2016   
As every American should know by now, Donald Trump is our president elect. Few people, on either side of the ballot, saw this coming as a probable outcome. But hey, s*?# happens, right? All emotions and predispositions aside, here are some of the things we thought a Trump presidency would bring upon the American skateboarding family. For better or for worse, here we go:
I. The Ultimate Wallride

So from the very wee beginnings of this Trump “campaign,” we’ve heard all about this massive wall… “It’s gonna be YHUUGE!” Meant to block out illegal immigrants (as if they didn’t have systems in place to bypass a wall), it could actually be a plus. If, on the American side, security is

Frontside Wallride

pretty lax, there’s yhuuge potential for some DIY work of the ages. Highest wall ride competition in El Paso? Sponsored by the Trump International of course.. ;/

II. Women’s Skateboarding’s Rights
Of course, more and more females have been active in our skate communities recently, which is rad. It’s about time that male skaters stopped seeing girls as objects and started having to keep up with their level of shredding! Just in the last 2-3 years, women’s skateboarding has truly taken off. But if Trump maintains certain ideals prevalent in his presidential campaign, we might see women being stifled in any career they choose. And that’s just NO good.
III. Legality of the “Sex Change”
The hottest thing in skateboarding since sliced br.. uhh.. no-complies. The body varial. Used with a kickflip, it’s dubbed a “sex change.” We’ve all become familiar with Trump’s ideology against the LGBT community. In real life, this is a huge loss. Everyone should be comfortable and open with themselves, regardless of gender or preference. But in skating, this could result in a mixed bag of opinion. How many body varials is too many body varials? Hmmm…
IV. Anti-Trump Propaganda Graphics
Let’s be real for a second here… The undeniable majority of core skateboarders were in opposition to a Trump presidency, whether they voted or not. Many companies printed “Anti-Trump” board graphics. Whether it was the guys at

Donald Trump and Mike Pence

Deluxe or Baker Boys Dist. right here in LA, the industry took a stance against this guy. We can only hope that Trump doesn’t impose unnecessary taxes on “action sports retail” to get back at OGs of the industry. And we surely wouldn’t want a U.S. skateboarder registry keeping tabs on all skateboarders, in case some sketchiness goes down…

V. Immigration Against PROgression
Trump is definitely leaning into some anti-immigration policy of the toughest variety, and this is no good for lots of reasons. Most importantly, how are we gonna be able to embrace some of the best skaters in the world? Brazilians, Australians, Canadians and Europeans alike are crucial parts of American skateboarding. Not to be greedy, although that is the Trump way, but we don’t want to know a United States without those international rippers…
VI. And then it breaks apart…
Burnside Skatepark

Burnside Skatepark

California has already suggested seceding from the US, in a Brexit-style exit from the rest of the country. Largely in response to Trump’s presidential elections, what if other
states begin to do this? Will us American skateboarders need a passport just to go skate Burnside, Pulaski or the ditches of SoCal? We hope not. Let’s stick together and hoard the spots as a collective. What do you say?? F*?# Yeah!
This is just the beginning of possibility with Donald J. Trump. No one knows exactly what will happen, but with an election like the one we just witnessed, it’s hard to say what might go down in the next year or four years.. Some are looking to capture opportunities. Like Billy Rohan chatting with the Trump about building (even more) skateparks all over the nation. But we’re gonna hope the for the best moving forward. Maybe it will be okay. But no matter what, skateboarders will rule the world.