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Residents support fired police officer

August 27th, 2010   

The owner of a deli at the Inner Harbor’s Light Street Pavilion wishes there were “many more Officer Rivieris to deal with our problems.” A recreational boater from Fallston credits the officer with saving her daughter’s dog.

And a resident of a waterfront condo praises the officer for shooing away youngsters who damaged the monument at the Columbus Piazza and called the officer’s firing Wednesday “a triumph for the skateboarders.”

They’re talking about Salvatore Rivieri, the 19-year police veteran who lost his job after getting caught on video berating and pushing a 14-year-old boy he was trying to stop from skateboarding at the harbor three years ago.

Read the full story HERE.

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Skateboarder rolls to fame via Hallmark greeting card

June 29th, 2010   

ANDREW JANSEN journal Will Nolan, 14, sits on his front porch in the Southampton neighborhood with a skateboard. Visit suburbanjournals.mycapture.com to see more photos.

Will Nolan expected to fly high when he went skateboarding with a friend two years ago.

But he didn’t think his flying would wind up on a Hallmark card his aunt spotted last week in a supermarket.

On the card’s outside is Will, wearing a dark blue T-shirt, his legs bent in the air. He’s grasping his yellow skateboard.

Read The Full Story HERE.

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Danny Keith Thanks You All!

June 16th, 2010   
Danny Keith  said: Thanks to everyone that have been voting I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it!

Remember to vote! http://www.peopleallstars.com/ vote for SF Giants/Danny Keith

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Alleged Gang Member Picks the Wrong Skateboarder to f*ck with…

August 26th, 2009   

If you would like to make someone’s day, email them this video. This is just one where the good guys win.While there is no way of knowing the exact circumstances as to what went on here, it appears that a couple of kids were skateboarding when all of a sudden a gang member-looking fellow pulls what appears to be a gun on one of the skateboarders.The skateboarder immediately backs down, but the suspect keeps pushing him.

Eventually, the kid has enough.

Take a look:

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Jereme Rogers on TMZ

June 5th, 2009   

Naked Pro Skateboarder — Lay Off the Shrooms!

Plan B Pro skateboarder Jereme Rogers swears he’s officially done experimenting with magic mushrooms — after cops found him naked and preachin’ gibberish to his neighborhood from the roof of his Redondo Beach home Monday.

Jereme Rogers: Click to watch
According to reports, the police had to forcibly remove the 24-year-old from his perch and drag him to the hospital for a cat scan. Rogers says he was never charged with a crime for the incident.

Jereme did learn one valuable lesson from his tripped out experience: “Mushrooms don’t give you powers” — so don’t try to use The Force on the cops.

He did, it didn’t work.

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