Bones Wheels: NEW SPF Clears

Bones Wheels have been in production since 1978. That’s almost 40 years! And those years of experience absolutely translate to quality. Bones has made some of the best skateboard wheels available for decades under the supervision and expertise of engineer and legend, George Powell. After getting laid off from an aerospace engineering gig, George picked up and left from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara and founded Powell Peralta with Stacy Peralta. We don’t know if he knew at the time, but that company would eventually become one of the most influential skateboard companies of all time (now Skate One).
The brand spankin' new SPF Clears - Red 54mm. Only from Bones.
The brand spankin’ new SPF Clears – Red 54mm. Only from Bones.
Wheels are only one of the product categories manufactured in Santa Barbara. They’re made in-house, just as all of their products are, and it’s really a trip to see the process. One of our staff members, Keegan, posted about his visit to the facility on his personal blog. Check it out HERE.
Bones makes an OG (original) Formula, a Skatepark Formula (SPF), and a Street Tech Formula (STF), among other varieties. Their new Clear SPF wheels are something that skaters everywhere are talking about. It doesn’t make sense that a translucent wheel could be hard and slick enough to slide or “revert” on a concrete skatepark’s surface. Clear wheels originally came out as the first urethane that would GRIP the ground. But they do slide, and we can vouge for that.
Shown here is the 54mm Red Bones SPF Clear, but also carries Purple 54mm, Red 56mm, and Blue 58mm versions.
Check 'em all out!
Check ’em all out!
It’s hard to believe that they made a great skatepark wheel out of clear colored material, but they did it! One of the biggest recent advancement in skateboarding wheel technology – now available to YOU! So if you want to match your board graphic, or just let the light shrine through the wheels for your next photo shoot, be sure to check out the Bones SPF Clears for yourself.
100% less flatspots. 100% more rad.

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