Glory Challenge 2016

There are few things in this world of skateboarding media that the resounding majority resonates with. There aren’t many focal points of popular skateboarding that almost everyone can agree on. But somehow, the current and upcoming hotbed of skateboarding in Montreal has something truly special happening each year.
The Glory Challenge, brought to this Earth by skateboarding, Dime & Vans, is unique enough to stay fringe but relatable enough to stay HYPE! And so the hype commenced for the second year in a row (thus far). If you were lucky enough to get the invite and/or live in Montreal, Quebec, you were truly in for a treat. Because everyone’s favorite skater right-now was there to take on whatever whacky, zany or inebriated challenge to be thrown at them.
Evan Smith back lips his way to Glory. Photo from
Evan Smith back lips his way to Glory. Photo from
Evan Smith was there, killing everything the whole time. Wes Kremer got served, and we even saw Jamal Smith duke it out in a Game of S.K.A.T.E. with Wade Desarmo. I’m not sure anyone practices for many of the various challenges of the overarching Glory Challenge, but that seems to make it exactly what it is. It’s never-been-done. It’s LIVE. It’s spontaneous. But most of all, it’s every type of skater in one room. Even Sluggo (Rob Boyce) was in there for the “Gladiator Challenge.” The fastest, the most stylish, the gnarliest, and the most tech all had their places to shine in this comp, and it’s a beautiful thing to see it all come together.
Dustin Dollin hauls ass!! Photo from
Dustin Dollin hauls ass!! Photo from
Dime Mtl, a brand that has taken a strong place in the hearts of this generation’s skateboarding, joined forces with Vans, really the first ever (and still going) skateboarding brand, to make Glory Challenge a reality, and this old- and new-school combo really let everyone come together for a full day of crazy ripping, ridiculous shenanigans and cold beverages.
The high-rail chompers came out to tackle a HUGE bump to bar grind, the ballsiest of the bunch went for the Joe Valdez Challenge and the most creative creatures vaulted themselves into the foam pit for good times of their own. Whether you’re loving this and want a look, already know what’s up or have no idea what’s going on:
Watch the video for yourself, and don’t be upset about the outcome of the Game of S.K.A.T.E. Hardcore nationalists aside, it was an entertaining watch and someone had to walk away with the belt… If none of this makes sense to you, that’s okay. You can watch the video. And then watch it again. And again. And watch THIS ONE for an extended cut..
Enjoy or Die:

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