Spitfire’s Lock In

There’s nothing quite like jumping at something on your skateboard and slipping at first contact… Many of us know that feeling all too well, and some have just become acquainted with it. Regardless, it’s a frustrating experience that only a select few actually want.


How do you think rail chompers like Kyle Walker & Jamie Foy lock in to rails, ledges, and coping so well? Well, obviously they have a talent that is unlike many others. But they prefer their gear a certain way. Also, technology has improved to help make skateboarding more fun & seamless – like the Lock In wheels made by Spitfire. They truly are designed to “lock in,” with one side completely flat and the opposite side resembling the classic “radial” shape that so many of us know & love.


The sleek radial outer combined with a flat inner wall makes for a great looking wheel with all of the upside of not slipping out or off of your grinds. The simple graphic is something we really like as well. And they all come in the tried and true Formula Four.  Available in blue (99a hardness) or red (101a), you can’t go wrong with a set of Spitfire Lock Ins.


Just ask Zion. You know he Rides the Fire.


Love Skateboarding.

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