All I Need Skateboards: Timmy Knuth’s “War Machine”

Anthony Shetler is one of those guys. He’s a low-key legend that might be too young for that status. He’s a hometown hero. He’s a seasoned pro skater and now, an entrepreneur. Anthony was born in Brockton, Mass but grew up skating in New Hampshire. From there it’s all history; he was a natural ripper and not one to give up on goals for himself.

Anthony Shetler
Anthony Shetler

Through the skateshop Solstice, Anthony got hooked up with his first board sponsor, 5Boro. From there, always keeping a presence in the northeast, he went on to ride for Zoo York & World Industries. Into the 2010’s Anthony felt he needed to express himself through a project that was truly his own, and All I Need Skateboards was born. A homage to the fact that skateboarding is all we really need as skaters, All I Need is run by Anthony out of Massachusetts now, with a heavy support network all over the northeast.

The "War Machine" graphic!
The “War Machine” graphic!


We’re stoked to be carrying All I Need now on! There are several pro models online from All I Need, but we’re highlighting Timmy Knuth’s “War Machine” graphic. Although we don’t want to see anyone get hurt, we think it’s fitting after Trump’s Republican presidential nomination. The world may be on fire, but Timmy Knuth, and anyone riding his War Machine deck, will probably be well-equipped to deal with it.

The graphics on All I Need Skateboards are cartoony yet gnarly, and there aren’t many companies that can pull that off. We’re stoked to be backing Anthony Shetler and his boys on All I Need!

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