Asphalt Yacht Club: “Left And Leaving”

Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Stephen Lawyer, Cole Wilson, Derrick Wilson, Thomas Dritsas, Miles Lawrence. If you didn’t have the Internet (or the title above), I bet you wouldn’t be able to guess the team. Stevie Williams has once again done something completely different that shouldn’t have worked but … did. Asphalt Yacht Club began as a brand new company a few short years ago and has grown to be respected among many skaters of today. The style of clothing has shown to be very indicative of Stevie Williams’ style, but the style of his skaters not so much.
The AYC (Asphalt Yacht Club) skate team has been one of the freshest and most unique that we’ve seen in a while. With rail chompers like Cole Wilson, big gap studs like Jaws, and new blood like Thomas Dritsas, it’s almost impossible to predict the vibe of a team edit. But somehow the final cut is magnificent. Don’t trust us. You should see for yourself:

Between the mind-blowing demo tricks at the sickest skateparks and heaviest hammers in the streets, AYC shut up some of the haters with raw talent and work ethic to put out a serious tour video. “Left And Leaving” is a fitting name for the team moving forward, because they’re just starting their journey as a respected apparel brand in skating and aren’t stopping anytime soon.
Jaws and Cole have the bangers for you. Derrick Wilson and Lawyer bring the special sauce. And Thomas and Miles are complete wild cards; we don’t even know how great the future is for them. This isn’t even the entire squad, and we’re convinced that something special is upon us. Do you fuck with the AYC?
Expect more in the future.

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