Baker Skateboards: Hover Deck graphic

Don’t lie… We know that part of you likes the idea of playing on those new “hover boards.” Sure, they’re not hover boards; they don’t hover and they aren’t boards, but they’re fun toys made popular in the masses.
The Hover Board deck graphic from Baker
The Hover Board deck
It’s funny to see a new pop sensation fly off the shelves and be compared to a skateboard when there is barely room for such comparison. “Hover boards” are the easy route, but skateboarding is the real way for us all.
Now you can shred a hover board while skating your real deck. Baker is currently printing their Hover Deck graphic – available here in 8.25”. Regardless of the kook factor, Baker Boys wood is always good, so you won’t have to worry about quality of the skateboard here. That maple will last you through skateparks and street alike.
Everyone’s been on this new jaunt, from Theotis to T-Funk. So get on it! The Hover Deck is live on the site now.

Weekend Notice: Orders placed over the weekend will be shipped the following Monday.