tail and nose guards protecting your skateboard from ollie wear

Tail and Nose Guards: Protecting Your Skateboard from Ollie Wear

Tail and nose guards act as a shield, minimizing contact with the ground during tricks like ollies. By adding an extra layer of defense to the tail and nose areas, not only is the board’s lifespan extended, but it also enhances the board’s overall durability. Protection against ollie wear is vital for the longevity of your board.

kickflip kickstart step by step tutorial for learning the kickflip

Kickflip Kickstart: Step-by-Step Tutorial for Learning the Kickflip

A kickflip is sort of like an ollie, but instead of simply popping your board and landing, you’ll flick and spin your board before landing. The pros make it look easy – like one simple motion. But there are multiple steps you’ll need to execute for success. Keep reading for the simplest kickflip explanation you’ll find online. 

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