Curbs Slap

drop off curb

If you have been paying attention to skateboarding anytime recently, it will be no surprise to you that curb skating is HOT right now. Actually, for about the last five years skating curbs has been on trend. Not only is it low-impact; it is also now cool. This is music to the older skater’s ears, but shredding curbs isn’t only for the aging population of skateboarders.

The origins of the almighty curb actually take root at the beginning of street skating, as a common obstacle to use as an alternative to skating ramps. For those that didn’t have access to a backyard halfpipe at the time, it was the perfect place to practice your “coping tricks” in any parking lot in America. Although Jon Lucero made this approach famous (and was arguably one of the most influential early curb skaters), every skateboarder spent time with the concrete curb – even the most dedicated vert skaters.

Fast forward through multiple slumps and resurgences of the skateboarding industry, and you will find that skaters are back to the asphalt parking lots littered with curbs to hone their skills and hang with their friends. Anywhere dry with a moderate temperature will suffice – all you need is some time, dedication, a rub brick and a couple of other supplies – and “voilà” a curb spot for the locals!

Part of the reason we felt inspired to publish an ode to curb skating is due to Jenkem Magazine’s video piece based around a day in the life with Abe Bethel. Abe (formerly a Los Angeles resident) is a Miami-based skateboarder and one of the best curb skaters out. He is the star of the under-praised video titled “((THEVIDEO))”. This video captures not only what it feels like to build skill at skating curbs, but what is possible in the genre. It may be the first “curb-skating” video of this era, with cameo appearances like Tony Hawk and Wee-Man to boot.

If it’s not clear enough why “((THEVIDEO))” should get a watch from you it will surely give you a trick idea or two, even if you don’t skate curbs. You don’t have to buy rails or new trucks to indulge in curb skating. You know even need a waxed one to start with. Just go to your nearest parking deck and see what happens. Feel like a kid again and grind or stall to your heart’s content. Watch “((THEVIDEO))” and get stoked out. Thank us later.

Thank you skateboarding.

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