Ethan Loy’s “Raw Ams” Part

Skateboarding comes in all shapes, sizes, styles, and intensities. Although we love a good curation of EVERY type of skating, it is very special to find a truly unique blend of those styles that breaks down barriers and makes a skater (viewer) feel like they’ve seen something actually new and different. It is even more rare to find all of that in one solo skate video part.

These are all reasons why we were immediately fans of Ethan Loy’s skating, particularly his newest video part for Independent Trucks. Also skating for Element, Spitfire, and Hard Luck, Ethan is a Southern California native who needs to constantly get creative on the famously skated terrain of SoCal. Impressive is an understatement when we think of Ethan’s inventive approach to spots. See for yourself here.

Lucky for Ethan, Independent Trucks can stand the stress of any type of skating. His wallies, nollies, and crooked grind variations are no match for the Indy’s he rides. Rough ditches, crusty walls, and oddball rails are all just another clip to Ethan. No worries.

Thanks to Independent for hooking up a real talent, and props to you Ethan. Keep ripping!

Love Skateboarding.

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