Fabiana’s Family at Spitfire

Isn’t it funny how one month can pass, and a video can be all but forgotten? We decided to place some shine on an “old” video that clearly deserves it, and that video is Fabiana Delfino‘s video coined her “Spitfire” Part.

First of all, it is important and necessary to give reach to the skateboarding of womxn just as much their male counterparts, and Fabiana’s skating on Deluxe’s platform is of proper timing. But that aside, Fabiana RIPS and put together clips for this video that would genuinely get any skate rat HYPED! From manual tricks in the streets to transition bangers at San Francisco’s Potrero Park, she has it all and shows it off.

Not to be overshadowed by her brother and potential SOTY Pedro, Fabiana is a force to be reckoned with! Sponsored by brands like Santa Cruz Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels, Monster Energy, Independent Trucks, Bones Swiss, and MOB Grip, she has a bright future ahead of her.

While her looks forward are promising, she appropriately pays homage to the late Henry Gartland in the video, a former teammate who we lost earlier in the year. Respect to those in our past, especially as fellow skateboarders, is a solid nod to the greater skate family and a signal of good character from one of our new favorite skaters…

Lots of good things ahead for Fabiana Delfino. Keep Ripping!!

Thank You Skateboarding.

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