Four Star’s “Obtuse Moments Tour”

Skate videos come, and skate videos go. That is inevitable, but the rate at which they cycle through increases all the time. Skaters release parts more often than skate teams release full videos. The way we consume this stuff is just evolving, for better or for worse. One genre of skate video that is often done half-heartedly, when there once was a solid trend of creativity, is the tour video.
We are in the Instagram age...
We are in the Instagram age…
From the Baker tour videos and Tony Hawk’s Gigantic Skatepark Tours of yore, there is no comparison from modern skate company tour productions. Except for a mere few.
Four Star Clothing.
Four Star has always edited their tour videos in a unique, fun, and impressive way, that no other team has really recreated. The videographers, skaters, editing and music, altogether create a sort of unity in the team that seems so rare in today’s skate media climate.
Brophy's ollie over Rickk's bike.
Brophy’s ollie over Rickk’s bike.
The street clips are as sick as any other tour video’s. The demo footage is friendly and gnarly all at once. The video of candid shenanigans are a staple. And, of course, the quirky family photo-type moments with the whole team in frame. Gerwer’s antics, Trujillo’s hang time, Ishod’s bangers, Brophy’s pop… The list goes on and on.
Great team and great production. Long live Four Star and all of its Obtuse Moments.

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