Grant Taylor Independent Truck

It’s rare that the world of skateboarding is graced with a natural talent on the level of Grant Taylor. A gift like that is not to be wasted. GT has always stayed true to himself as a skater and for his sponsors. With major backers like Antihero Skateboards and Spitfire Wheels, it’s no surprise that Independent Trucks has him grinding with their product. One of the first and most OG truck brands keeps it real, and Grant helps the cause every day he steps on his board.
Since his humble beginnings as the shop owner’s kid in Atlanta, Georgia, Grant has never ceased to turn heads, regardless of the skatepark or street spot. Still based in Atlanta while traveling the world, he decides to keep things local, give back to his hometown and continue to represent the “dirty south” (find him on Instagram as @downsouthinhell). The multiple skate video parts under his belt, for companies like Alien Workshop, NikeSB, and Antihero, supplement footage in countless Internet edits that have risen to the top of the melting pot that is today’s skate media. Also, winning Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of the Year Award in 2011 didn’t hurt his career at all.
Far from being done with skating, Grant has propelled his influence in our industry, and in his own unique way. Much like his skating, he’s kept us on our toes. But he must know what works, because he continues to ride Indys. Independent Trucks just released his signature truck in 139mm, and we’re stoked! Also available in 129mm here and 159mm here. With his custom yet classic stamp graphic on a classic silver truck, the boys at Independent did a great job of doing GT justice.
Keep killing it, Grant! To all the skaters reading this, keep skating! And keep designing and producing epic trucks, Independent Trucks.

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