Hakeem | New Chocolate Rider

Becoming a sponsored skateboarder is difficult, and it’s only becoming harder as time goes on. The expectations as a professional, or even an amateur, skateboarder are high, and many unspoken rules don’t help skaters break into that world. Some companies are notorious for being even more “hard to get” as an official sponsor. Chocolate Skateboards is one of those brands. With a reputation of being “hard to get” as a sponsor, it is rare to see them bring a new name to the squad, amateur or otherwise.

The newest addition to the Chocolate family, and even the Crailtap Dist. camp, is none other than Hakeem Ducksworth. After a lot of hard work and long days filming, Chocolate Skateboards gave him the nod to join the team. A long and epicly historied team provides a lot of pressure for its riders, historically and currently, but Keem gets it done and is now a team rider for the Big C.

Joining Kenny Anderson, Raven Tershy, Chris Roberts, Jesus Fernandez, Stevie Perez, and others, Hakeem is on a short list of truly revered talent in skateboarding, and we look forward to following the start of his career with such a legacy of a brand as Chocolate. Also backed by adidas, Keem is looking good on a board and strong in the streets.

If you still haven’t seen his new video part “Chocolate Skateboards Welcomes…”, watch is ASAP here! Soon enough, we’re sure to see Ducksworth on a board, and we can’t wait.

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Love Skateboarding.

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