Independent Trucks: Leo Romero – Stage 11 Hollow

Independent Trucks, as we’ve heard, are always Built to Grind. They definitely grind well, and Indy’s been making quality trucks since 1978.
Trucks are heavy! Sometimes, you need some lighter hardgoods to make it easier to move with your board. So Independent introduced their hollow models.
The Leo Romero Stage 11 Truck by Independent
The Leo Romero Stage 11 Truck by Independent
These Stage 11 trucks aren’t the first hollow kingpin, hollow axle truck, but they are the most advanced that Independent offers. The baseplate is forged stronger to make for better strength in a thinner, lighter baseplate and hollow components help make this one of the lightest trucks you can get your hands on…
Leo Romero has been repping Indy for years, and this truck has his signature graphic design! With a matte white hangar and matte green baseplate, the red print rounds out a homage to Leo’s Mexican heritage with style. The Viva Romero eagle print reminds us of how gnarly this SOTY was and how gnarly this SOTY still IS!
Leo off the board
Leo off the board
We’re showing off our 139’s, but we also carry this model in 129 & 149mm and 129 & 139mm LOW as well. If you’re not stoked to buy these right now, just go type “Leo Romero” into Youtube’s Search. We’re pretty sure the stoke will come. Want to hit the rails like Leo? Ride what he does.
Independent. “F*** the Rest.”

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