It’s Not Delivery


Pizza Skateboards has been around for several years now, but not everyone knows what sets it apart from the rest. Could it be their clever graphics? Their tongue-in-cheek marketing? Their talented team? Or could it be their unlimited toppings? It’s probably a combination of all of the above, though there aren’t totally unlimited grip tape options… Without further ado, let’s get a taste of what makes Pizza, Pizza.

We’d be remiss to leave out Jesse Vieira, the GX1000-affiliated hill bomber and gnar dog of San Francisco. Like most of us, Jesse has had his ups and downs, but he always ends up with a clip and grin to match it. If we had a nickel for every time his footage made us gasp, “Holy Sh….” we probably wouldn’t need to work. Speaking of SF, Rahim Robinson is one of our favorite skateboarding artists of the bay area. Rahim identifies as an artist and still rips at the highest caliber. He’s not fooling anyone if he’s trying to fade out of a sponsored skateboarding career, because his bag of tricks and his style are undeniable. Can’t hide behind that ‘fro no mo’ Rahim. No one could talk about Pizza Skateboards without mentioning  Marcus Attwood Jr. This 14-year-old skates with the control and style of someone twice his age. Find him at your local NorCal skatepark or somewhere in Europe filming his next part… Last but not least, probably the most visible of the team is your favorite Street League pro Vincent Milou. Vincent turned pro last year but has been steadily crushing the skate game for quite some time. In addition to his commercial and contest success, Vincent consistently puts out street footage. This magic combination gains the respect of almost every type of skater. With the exception of the chronic hater, Vincent’s okay in everyone’s book, we think. Watch for him at the next international contest or sometime soon on Thrasher’s website! Won’t be long

If you didn’t already know, or haven’t figured it out by now, Pizza’s got more than a little to offer. Check out any of their new graphics for inspiration. Even better, give ’em a search on ye olde YouTube and get stoked for your next session. Wanna go above and beyond? Get a new deck today. Using Coupon Code “pizza10” will give you 10% off any purchase at until end of April 2023.

Thank you skateboarding.

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