Krooked is Very Effishant

Mark Gonzales is a stand-alone original in street skateboarding, a world of many originally creative people. He also dabbles with the vert ramp (at the age of 51 years) as well as art in many mediums. Considered a cult icon by many, he is known for his involvement with Blind Skateboards, creation of famous artwork, and foundation of Krooked Skateboards.

For the last seventeen years, Krooked has been pushing skateboarding forward through its one-of-a-kind skate team & art direction. Alongside brands like Real & AntiHero at Deluxe Distribution, Krooked continues to publish great videos and sick board graphics for skate nerds all over the world.

Their latest skateboard graphics are better than ever, and we’re especially stoked on the new “Very Effishant” series. For what Mark may lack in spelling skills, he nails the art for these boards. See for yourself at our website.

Whether you’re looking for a widely shaped cruiser or a board to get street clips with, they are Very Effishant for any skate needs. If you’re a fan of Sebo or Gottwig, you will be just as happy as a Gonz or Drehobl supporter.

So before they run out, head over to Skateboard Decks on and get your before they’re gone. It’s either for the wall or the street, your choice!

Love Skateboarding.

Weekend Notice: Orders placed over the weekend will be shipped the following Monday.