Montano Moving Mountains for Globe Shoes

Globe Brand has shifted its skate program quite a bit over the last year, and we couldn’t be more stoked to see it! With Austyn Gillette‘s addition to the squad, he became a leader of sorts. This seems mind-blowing since masters of their eras, Mark Appleyard and Rodney Mullen, are officially on the team as well! Aaron Kim also has a seat at the Globe Shoes table, and there are murmurs of Christian Maalouf’s recruitment. Last but not least, Sammy Montano is on Globe and has been for quite some time.

Just six months after Austyn’s “Re Est” video part came out in the beginning of 2022, Sammy’s “Diay” video part dropped this week! From what we can tell, that “Diay” stands for “Do it all yourself.” And he sure does that in this ~4-minute-long opus. From scary handrail skating to manual progression, from landing lines under pressure from security guards to the crustiest and cuttiest spots, Sammy covers the bases and put out a great product, edited by Matt Payne and primarily filmed by Aaron Brown.

The Super 16 footage juxtaposed nicely with the energy of the video and the music that flowed with it. Everyone involved did a great job and followed up “Re Est” as an equally well done and theme-appropriate final product. The vibe of skateboarding brought to us by this latest rendition of Globe Skateboarding is something we look forward to watching more of.

Sammy’s longtime sponsor in Alien Workshop works well for him and his skateboarding. It matches even better, considering his “team captain” in Austyn and his board sponsor in Habitat. If the Habitat/Alien camp made videos that were just slightly more avant garde, this is it! We hope for many more great pieces from this newly rebranded Globe and to see who else is brought into the fold of talent there… And don’t forget! A potential Christian Maalouf part is on its way?

Thank You Skateboarding.

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