Nike Does It Again with “Chronicles III”

The recent release of Nike’s newest production was … drum roll please…
a great success!
It can be a true challenge to live up to the hype of such a big brand name within the ongoing transformation of skateboarding media distribution. As peoples’ immediate attention spans decrease from fifteen seconds down to nine, it’s hard to believe that anyone is engaged by anything. But the truth is that Nike SB delivered a quality product with a great cadence that will be sure to appease even the most cynical of skate nerds.
Photo: Transworld Skateboarding
Heavy line-up at the world premiere in LA. Photo: Transworld Skateboarding
The Chronicles series comes at perfect timing for the cultural change in skate video intake, due to its length. But even more relevant is it’s format within the thirty minutes that it shows you.
SPOILER ALERT (read no further if you don’t want it):
The immense pressure of “first part” in a full-length video is real, and Nike made a good move by opening with Cory Kennedy. First of all, almost everyone loves CK1. He rips, he parties, and he doesn’t think twice about any of it. Also, opening with such a young buck shows anticipation for building on that for a full-length shred marathon.
Next up, it’s Trevor Colden. If Cory wasn’t new age enough for you, Trevor comes in hot with a classic hip hop-blaring hard street part to bring it back to a “classic” skate video vibe. And Trevor has been breathing Nike since he first stepped into the national scene from coastal Virginia.
Following him up is the complete polar opposite and yet another crowd favorite, Lance Mountain. The fact that he is still pushing his skating is incredible, and true Lance fans (there are many) are pooping themselves with happiness to see it. Lance alley-oops his way over pool ladders and vertical hippie jumps through them. But he also kickflips picnic tables and boardslides full-sized ledges. Lance rules! And we all know it.
Taken from
Lance getting crazy on a deathbox. Taken from
Next up is the montage with four of the best in their own genre. Omar Salazar, the king of speed. Brian Anderson, the czar of style. John Fitzgerald, the man-sized champ. And Blake Carpenter, the new kid and tech star. Oh, and a switch flip from Stefan Janoski. Who doesn’t love his switch flip??
After a well-rounded shared part, the audience wants to see a banger. and they get a BANGER. In today’s age of new board companies started by our favorite skaters, Fucking Awesome is the word. And Kevin Bradley screams “Fucking Awesome” with his signature “G” style. Bringing power in a small package is what Kev does. And every kid in LA wants to be him. Nike is better for having Kevin Bradley on board with the Swoosh.
Who could possibly follow the BANGER just dropped by Kevin? … KOSTON. Eric Koston puts out a legitimate full part for this video (maybe his last) that shows progression, style and longevity. And everyone respects it. Koston was already king. And the fact that he filmed that many tricks for one video, one more time, solidifies his place in skateboarding. LEGEND.
Now the build-up is REAL. Who’s next? Karsten Kleppan?? Some people still didn’t even know who Karsten was, but he made sure we all remembered with the footage he put into this production. Nike selecting him was definitely strategic, as he simultaneously went pro for Skate Mental and showed the audience that Nike is still bringing in the newest talent from around the globe. He ripped for sure, but honestly, the one thing we remembered was his ender. Skateboarding has never seen a mellow-rail 50-50 grind so impressive. I’m standing by that. Never.
When the video ended, I think everyone was expecting another part from a more well-known name, but no one could be mad at the show that they had just witnessed.
Cheers to you, Nike, for doing it the right way, but with your own unique style. No one was paid to say these words about you. But because people may think they were, you have a lot of pressure on every move as a company. And you showed skateboarders that Nike SB is SB. The skateboarding production that is Chronicles III did NOT disappoint.
Now let’s see the line-up for Chronicles IV… Nyah? Jagger?
Only time will tell.

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