Nyjah Needs That

We weren’t alone in wondering how much footage Nyjah would release in his next video project, especially after his injury earlier this year. After all a torn ACL is no light affair, and there is no question that it cut his time in the streets short. Year after year, Nyjah Huston performs in contests and pushes himself on street spots like no other. Regardless of opinions, he is one of the best to ever do it, and we always look forward to the show.

Disappointment was no where to be seen. Some of the biggest rails we’d ever seen were grinded (and that says a lot). Some of the most technical handrail tricks were stomped. And even impressive lines and manual maneuvers were mastered by the now 28-year-old Huston. For one, the opening song was a natural banger of Rick Ross’ creation. Also, Ant Travis did a phenomenal job as primary filmer and in editing the video. Finally, Nyjah’s style appeared to evolve from his past video parts we’d seen, which was impressive. Sometimes, the biggest rail gets the sketchiest roll-away but in “Need That”, the high speed landings were dialed in and controlled.

In an era of skateboarding that demands more and more from its idols, it can be hard to tell how long the icons can keep up with the young guns. But in the case of Nyjah Huston, he will never stop. Even now, as we watch his ACL recovery, he is training at the physical therapy office seemingly as hard as he does on street spots. We know he hasn’t yet peaked and are excited to see what’s next for grown-up Jah.

Thank You Skateboarding.

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