OJ For Your Summertime

For most of us in the United States, it’s a scorcher of a summer. The only thing hotter than the weather is the skating happening all over the world. Luckily, there’s usually some cold Orange Juice to keep us cool. Santa Cruz, CA has some of the finest OJ available, right there in the NHS warehouse. As the concrete worker’s alternative to Spitfire, OJ Wheels have been, are, and will be classic and reliable.

Whether you’re a fan of John Gardner, Nick Boserio or Ace Pelka, they have signature OJs for every skater or fan of skateboarding. …and the hardness and formula of your liking. Whether you’re an Elite formula guy, Original formula gal, or someone who prefers the Hardline formula, OJ’s got you covered.

Urethane aside, OJ Wheels has a stacked team: Erick Winkowski, Jake Wooten, Madars Apse, Milton Martinez, and many many others. Although this heavy crew includes many of our favorites, they’re also actively building their roster. One of their newest additions is the one and only Jake Hill.

In his new OJ Wheels video part, Jake does it all. He goes off-road, flips onto rails, jumps over rails and endures some gnarly slams. Surrounded by greats like Collin Provost and Milton Martinez, he’s sure to become one of the next generation’s North County San Diego legends himself. The realness and the rawness of the clips he filmed for this video part is worth a watch. Scratch that. A few watches.

And when you’re done reeling from his OJ Wheels part, keep an eye for his involvment with Neil Blender’s new board company, The Heated Wheel! It doesn’t surprise us that Neil, a true OG in skateboarding, knows how to pick the talent. I wonder if he rides OJs too??

Thank You Skateboarding.

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