Pig Wheels – Pig Head Natural

For our first product review, we’re highlighting a smaller company that’s always been about core skateboarding! Pig Wheels. As part of Tum Yeto Distribution, Pig was started in 1993. So many legends have ridden for Pig over the years, and today’s team is still stacked! There’s a reason they “ride the swine”.
After using these wheels for a while, we notice that they are generally pretty soft. They don’t slide well on rough concrete, but they do really grip the ground when you need it most. You’ll almost never slide out of a tough impact. Instead, the wheels will grip and let you roll right through your landing.
The Pig Head - Natural
The Pig Head – Natural
They do tend to flatspot (or wear away unevenly) a bit faster than other wheels can, but they are solid wheels that will help you any day in the streets. You’ve also got the power of the pig behind you!
Ride the swine!

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