Independent Truck Company was started by Fausto Vitello, Eric Swenson, Jay Shiurman, and Richard Novak in Newark, California in 1978. The Independent logo was a wrinkle that needed to be ironed out… no pun intended. Jim Phillips referenced a cross that was being worn in a photo of the Pope for the first round of logo proofs. At first Jay and Rich thought it looked “too Nazi”, but once Jim mentioned that the Pope was wearing it in a Time Magazine cover “it must be okay!” The Independent truck (or "Indy") was designed as a response to the lack of quality skateboard trucks on the market at the time. The first truck that Indy released was call the “The Stroker” which had an incredibly complex steering system with springs, sockets, and other intricate mechanisms. “Trucks are the unsung heroes of the skateboard. It’s the trucks that embody what skateboarding is all about: perserverance, simplicity, and the ability to turn. Trucks are quite literally, heavy metal—born in fire and poured like molten lava into a cast that is destroyed, never to be used again” - Aaron Meza. Check out our selection of Independent products below!

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