Stereo Skateboards: “Specimen” Series

We see a lot of board graphics and graphics series. And we mean a LOT. But there’s one graphics series that popped out to us recently, straight from the brand of Stereo Sound Agency and the artful hand of Rich Cali. Jason Lee stated, “Rich Cali is one of my favorite artists…,” and we can’t take a stance against that word.
As any great board series does, this collection properly highlights the backgrounds and personalities of each pro team rider from the Stereo family – Clint Peterson, Kyle Leeper, Jordan Hoffart, & Tommy Fynn. And as any great board series also does, the artwork reflects the most important themes to the personality of the brand.
The series in its entirety!
The series in its entirety!
Stereo Sound Agency has always differentiated itself with “timeless, classic, and always original inspirations,” since 1992 – especially in its art direction and visual vibe. This “Specimen” assemblage shines a light on the brand’s connection and assigned importance to nature. A good friend of the Stereo family, Rich Cali, did the original artwork “by hand, ink & brush” before having it applied to skateboard decks for all of skateboarding to appreciate.
From the Vancouver-native Douglas Fir image found on Hoffart’s pro board to the South Africa-native Blue Crane used for Fynn’s pro graphic, the “Specimen” board series truly pays homage to the natural connection the team riders of Stereo Sound Agency have to their respective homelands that raised them into the men and skaters that they are today.
Pressed at Prime Distribution in Southern California, and sold at among many other retailers and skateshops, Stereo’s decks will be and always have been made from quality materials into quality shapes. We’re backing them. Are you?

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