“The Melbourne Identity” – Girl’s Europe of Australia

For many years in mainstream skateboarding media, tour videos were a highly respected medium. The staple in skate videos helped us all to better know the riders of our favorite skate teams, the energy that those team riders shared, and also the street spots present in the cities that they toured. There were usually demos at skateparks and DIYs as well, but times indeed change and “the tour video” is an endangered object in these modern Instagram-incentivized times.

Girl Skateboards‘s recent “The Melbourne Identity” video resembles some of what many of us remember fondly, and it happens to be that many great tour videos were produced by that very same Crailtap camp. *Shouts out to the days of Fourstar tours.*

Although the recent “tour” of Melbourne was more of a one-stop drop and only contained one (mini-ramp) demo, the current Girl Skateboards team gave us a taste of what used to be the quite regular tour video, given the setting of a city and all of the street spots within. There is something special to a skate nerd like the ones working here at Skateboards.com to see 4-5 spots and realize out loud, “Ohhh, that’s in Melbourne?!” There is a fascination with geography and architecture that is validated by a city- or region-specific skate video that sates the appetite for skateboarding media.

Although the Girl Skateboards crew has changed over time, their current squad is full of heavy hitters! There are the OGs of Mike Carroll, Rick Howard & Rick McCrank, the young blood in Niels Bennett & Griffin Gass and brand new pros Manchild and Simon Bannerot. There are even clips of Aussie flow ripper Matthew Boggis in the edit! And it all came together perfectly.

Hell, what are we getting at here? Go watch it for yourself! In this world of everyday releases and steadily flowing content, this one’s worth everyone’s time.


Love Skateboarding.

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