Transworld’s “Duets” Release Creates New Milestone

There have been many classic skateboarding videos over the course of 30+ years. Some were produced by skateboard deck and shoe brands, some by the love of skateboarding, and some by the magazines that originally broadcasted skateboarding content to the world at large.

Many of the most famous videos were produced, filmed, and edited by magazines, specifically the Transworld Skateboarding Magazine. Transworld has fairly consistently churned out some of the most influential videos of all time, and they have yet to quit that mission. Their most recent transmission was aptly named “Duets”. Duets, because each “video part” was shared between two skaters that complimented each other’s tricks and styles. A genius idea can only be properly executed by the right people, and Joe “JoeFace” Monteleone & James Buchmann were up for the challenge.

The opening sequence of “Duets” features notoriously classic video clips repurposed from past Transworld skate videos. The quickness of the editing and the intensity of those captured moments bring high energy to the video’s preface, and it only grows from there.

The first “part” of the video is shared by two very talented Brazilians, none other than Carlos Ribeiro and Tiago Lemos. Their stances are opposite, but they share heritage & unmatched street style. Opening with a Gang Starr track, the classic presentation of skateboarding is achieved and surpassed. The level of skating alone is so impressive to watch, but James Buchmann really knocked it out of the park in the editing bay.

The next part is shared between Vincent Alvarez and Zack Wallin of Chocolate and enjoi fame. Each of these guys qualify as “ATVs” on a board, yet they each come at skating with their own distinctive approaches, which makes the part stand out in a video full of great ones. Many of the same spots were skated by both skaters for the video, so it helped to make them seem more connected in the project. Made us want to go skate some ditches!

The third part of the video goes to Robbie Russo and Ronnie Sandoval. Both San Pedro natives and primarily transition skaters, these dudes went off! Lots of fun-looking sessions at what appear to be pools that might no longer exist. Lots of concrete cruising and deep-end bangers to go around between the two of them! Even given a serious injury to Ronnie during the filming of “Duets”, he came through with a lot of great footage. Cheers to the both of them, as they lead us into the…

“Friends” section of this video reminded us of why Transworld has held it down in skateboarding for so long now. From Nestor Judkins and Zared Bassett to Sebo Walker and Simon Bannerot, the gamut was run, the clips were saved, and the hype was very, very real. The Built To Spill song complimented the energy of the edit and encapsulated a truly great piece.

Next in line came the Sacramento duo, Miika Adamov and Miles Silvas. The two rippers complimented each other’s skating so well. Miika used his tech wizardry to amaze the audience, and Miles showed off his impossibly clean style while flipping & grinding down big gaps and handrails. The hip hop track used to back them brought it all to another level, and without any forced feel. James really nailed it editing these guys together. A true masterpiece – we guess it makes it easier when the talent is unreal

The enders – gnarly ones came out to play! Franky Villani and Jake Hayes – both backed by the video sponsors closed out the video together. To any skate nerds reading, we’re preaching to the choir, but these two are truly special. Jake Hayes, from the land Down Under, skates for Deathwish Skateboards and has “hops” for days… An abnormally tall skateboarder, it seems that he can just spring up and over any metal bar in his path. He provides the hammers, and we don’t mind one bit. Franky is an entirely different breed of skateboarder – one that surprises the viewer with every trick, and Primitive is lucky to have him on the team. It seems that there’s nothing he can’t do, not limited to the hottest new no-comply tricks, biggest rails, or wildest flip tricks on any terrain. Never ceases to amaze. And with both of them laying it down so heavily, it’s impossible to get to the credits without a fully dropped jaw.

So… what are you waiting for? Get your hands on a copy (or buy online) and watch for yourself. Even if you read this far there will be no spoilers, because the skaters, filmers, & editor all absolutely killed it at what they do. And it shows.

Thank you Transworld Skateboarding. Thank you Skateboarding.

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