Vans Park Series Continues to Canada

There is really something special about Vans Park Series. Not quite the icon that Vans Pool Party has become but far from the mainstream hype of X Games, everyone’s favorite skater is there. And everyone’s favorite skater’s favorite skater is there, all taking turns with their best lines and acting on their coolest ideas.

An entire weekend of fun and timed runs brought on Tour. First in Shanghai, then in Saõ Paulo, then in Montreal, Paris & Salt Lake City. This traveling event is the opportunity for park skaters to see the world, skate with their friends, and get paid all at once. And let’s not forget the legends behind the microphones! With professional hype men like Chris Cote and Tony Hawk, the professional environment excels, and the skaters up the ante.

Women like Nora Vasconcellos and Lizzie Armanto join other lesser known rippers from foreign countries to put on a real show. Right alongside the ladies are the dudes, including Alex Sorgente, Roman Pabich, Pedro Barros, and everyone’s favorite park skaters from the rest of the world as well.

The airs go higher, the grinds go faster, and the stakes grow constantly. After all, we are watching what will be Olympic Park Skateboarding, depending on how you look at it. Don’t miss the next bit of action:

Montreal, Quebec, Canada, July 12th-13th.

Love Skateboarding.

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