We Thank Thank You Skateboards

What is it that helps a brand to stand out? What makes it so that people care? Why do we care?

Some have the most talented or most stylish team on their side. Some rely on outstanding graphics. Some even succeed with viral marketing. But Thank You Skateboards has something different to offer. Torey Pudwill and Daewon Song are each legends in their own regard, from different eras of skateboarding. Their trick selection and personal style are completely separate from one another. Their unique combination is cool, but what really makes Thank You special is…

Torey and Daewon came together to found a skateboard brand that exists to give back to skateboarding (its beloved brands, participants and, most importantly, social causes). For every board sale, a percentage goes toward a nonprofit or cause for good! So each time you buy Thank You Skateboards, you are helping yourself to a new board but also someone else in some way.

As if skateboarding didn’t feel good enough… Now we can all make the choice to feel even better about the purchase we make when we’re ready to set up a new board. Thank You Skateboards.

Thank You Skateboarding.

Weekend Notice: Orders placed over the weekend will be shipped the following Monday.