What’s the Secret to Girl’s Pop?

For so many years – 28 years now – Girl Skateboards has been supplying quality boards, apparel, and all sorts of goodies for their loyal fans. Once a small upstart, they are now masters of the game, and there is really no end in sight.

With new generations of business come new generations of riders. Eric Koston, Brian Anderson, and Guy Mariano have stepped out of the Girl limelight. But future legends like Griffin Gass, Simon Bannerot, and Neils Bennett have stepped comfortably into it. Regardless of all the inevitable change, Girl has kept consistent its classic aesthetic and branding.

From the classic Girl boards to newer versions like the Marionettes series, Girl Skateboards has kept it real and kept it “Girl”, through and through.

With that said, we’re stoked to see them maintain their product quality, keep such a high level of rider talent, and print fresh ideas of the OG Girl on board graphic. Introducing the Pop Secret Hero deck series!

Keep killing it over there at Crailtap! and

Thank You Skateboarding.

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