Z-Flex Skateboards: Mariachi Deck Series

For the last several years, Z-Flex has been working hard to bring back to life a brand that was once in the top tier of  skateboard deck brands. Back when Z-Flex’s actually flexed. They have a reputation to live up to, and they’re doing a great job at that. The hype of the late Jay Adams (R.I.P.), debatably the best skater of all time, is still real and relevant to the most core of us. Big shoes to fill means rad graphics and solid product.
The graphics done for this recent Mariachi series were by the Venice Beach-born and raised Jason Brown. As a tattoo artist at S.T. Tattoo Studio, Jason has always had a strong cholo-esque, street-style influence to his art, which comes through in his tattooing. Something that’s so integral to the underlying culture of skateboarding and all other things which belong in the street. This board series was no exception. He translates his modern street rat portrait go-to to a more classical Mexican staple – the mariachi band member. The colors pop, and the lines are on point. Also, great job to the printer for making these graphics look just as good in person.
In all their glory, the Mariachi Deck Series from Z-Flex Skateboards.
In all their glory, the Mariachi Deck Series from Z-Flex Skateboards.
The physical quality of the hardgoods are just as excellent. They know that strong wood matters, and so they have these decks pressed with the Professor at PS Stix. A Mexican graphic pressed here in North America from a hard maple; it doesn’t really get better than that. The shape is solid, with a good angle on tail and nose, and a strong concave that provides for those that want it but isn’t a hindrance to those that don’t care. The shape(s) are great, the wood is solid, and the graphics are hot. The only thing Z-Flex can’t do is buy them off the shelves themselves!
Do yourself a favor and buy this deck, in blue, orange or green, from your local shop or right here on Skateboards.com!

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