Zoo York Skateboards: Photo Incentive Stained graphic

Zoo York team rider, Chaz Ortiz, blasts an ollie with style in the land Down Under.
Zoo York team rider, Chaz Ortiz, blasts an ollie with style in the land Down Under.

Zoo York is one of the rare board brands we have today that have been around for more than two decades. It’s truly a legacy brand that not only has the years under its belt but also the reputation to back those years up. Since its beginnings in 1993, Zoo York has been home to some of the most influential professional skateboarders in history, including Forrest Kirby, Aaron Suski, and Brandon Westgate.

The aesthetic of Zoo York’s brand, in its board graphics, video direction, and team riders, has always been 100% “east coast street,” and they stay true to that. You can go all the way back to
"Photo Incentive Stained" by Zoo York
“Photo Incentive Stained” by Zoo York

their early videos, like “Mix Tape” and “Peep This,” and see a consistent image of who Zoo York was and still is: Dedicated and fully embracing the streets of New York.

The Photo Incentive Stained deck graphic is hot on the shelf (or in your online cart) and embodies the artful spirit that Zoo York has kept up for so many years. The clean lines mix with splotchy detail, just like the city streets. The ZY classic logo is lined up on the nose of the board, ready to shred. The deck might have good design, but you can rest assured that it rides just as well as it looks. Made from 100% Canadian hard-rock maple plies and manufactured in the northeast US, all Zoo York decks are top-quality wood, and this new release is no exception.
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