Shake Junt started by Shane Heyl in the mid 2000s as a grip tape and accessory company. Shake Junt began as a movement of friends who liked to chill and skate together. Shake Junt produced a video called “Shake Junt” in 2006 with features from their homies as well as some “toss away” clips from the Baker Skateboards team. Shane wanted to use Shake Junt videos to help put his friends try to rise up in the skateboard industry. The grip started out as plain black grip with the classic Shake Junt stencil spray painted on with yellow and green spray paint. The company then went legit under Baker Boys Distribution selling quality grip tape, hardware and bearings. Shake Junt ads were reminiscent of old school hip-hop album covers such as Silk The Shocker “Made Man” and many more like it. Check out our selection of Shake Junt products below!

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