kickflip kickstart step by step tutorial for learning the kickflip

Kickflip Kickstart: Step-by-Step Tutorial for Learning the Kickflip

A kickflip is sort of like an ollie, but instead of simply popping your board and landing, you’ll flick and spin your board before landing. The pros make it look easy – like one simple motion. But there are multiple steps you’ll need to execute for success. Keep reading for the simplest kickflip explanation you’ll find online. 

kickflip ready grip techniques for applying and cutting grip tape

Kickflip-Ready Grip: Techniques for Applying and Cutting Grip Tape

As easy as applying and cutting grip tape can be, there is a right and wrong way to go about it. So, if you’ve got a new skateboard deck or new tape you want to try out, you’ve got a lot to learn. We’ll cover absolutely everything you need to know. By the end, you’ll have smooth and secure grip tape to give you the security you need as you ride. 

thrash talking a glossary of rad skateboarding terms a

Thrash Talking: A Glossary of Rad Skateboarding Terms

As we drop into the world of skateboarding slang, be prepared to discover expressions that are as dynamic as the tricks executed on the deck. From the ‘ollie’ that propels riders into the air with finesse to the ‘gnarly’ challenges that test the limits of skill and courage, each term resonates with a distinct energy that encapsulates the spirit of the sport.

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