All Roads Go To Helsinki


“Hei!” from Finland, as they may say.

Skateboarders tend to seek out the most enjoyment possible in their experiences, especially in the cherished summertime. Whether it be having fun sessions in your hometown or hitting the road for good times abroad with friends, it is important to push one’s limits and build great memories. There has been a buzz about the feel-good gathering in Copenhagen, Denmark for many years.

The Copenhagen Open (formerly Copenhagen Pro) contest is a tried and true event in Europe that has brought lifelong skateboarders from all over the world together to celebrate skateboarding and to celebrate life. This gives many foreigners the excuse to visit Europe in the summertime, and it is never a regret to extend the trip to see another part of the continent. Maybe France? Poland? Austria? Where does one go after the funnest Euro event in skateboarding?

from Helsinki Helride 2019

For the last handful of years, there has been a follow-up to CPH Open in the schedule, and it is called the Helsinki Helride. We wondered: what will go down in Helsinki? And now, we can see what all the hype is about. A more intimate version (for now) of Copenhagen brought people together in a similar spirit and with high energy. The two cities are similar in population, so Helsinki’s skate event may grow to be as big as (or bigger than) the CPH Open. Time will surely tell.

Starting off the weekend, the crowds of new friends congregated at the Helsinki sign in front of the Oodi Library to push together to spots around the city. The pros and bros shredded spots together for the onlookers and travelers in the crowd. The next day brought more of the same, this time taking over Salomon Street with sessions on obstacles built onto preexisting local spots! Following it up was an open session for members of the WOMEN & LGBTQIA+ community in Wammapark! The final day of the special weekend entailed a huge session for the transitionally inclined at the soon-to-be-demolished Suvilahti DIY Park, where Kieran Woolley thoroughly shut things down with this amazing line:

Not mentioned: the multiple afterparties and hundreds of friendships made throughout the wonderful event. A very inclusive community and open energy brought the best vibes and inspires us to go to Helride 2024!

Thank You Skateboarding.

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