Choosing the Right Skateboard Tools: A Guide for Home Maintenance

choosing the right skateboard tools a guide for home maintenance
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The best skateboard tools for at home maintenance are those which are sturdy, portable, and lightweight. AceF1, Prime8, and Silver Skate tools are useful for quick fixes to the skateboard. Having the necessary tools at your disposal is essential to maintaining a skateboard.

Welcome! We’re about to take you on a journey through the world of skateboard tools. Here, we’ll be your trusty guides, sharing invaluable insights, tips, and expert advice on how to choose the right tools and perform essential skateboard maintenance and repairs right in the comfort of your own space. So, if you’ve ever wondered how to keep your board in tip-top shape, extend its lifespan, and ensure that every ride is as smooth as the first, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into the world of skateboard tools and equip you with the knowledge you need to conquer any repair or maintenance task with confidence. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a seasoned skater, or a curious beginner, this blog is your go-to resource for all things skateboard maintenance and repairs. Skate on!

What Is the Best Type of Skateboard Tool?

Skateboard tools are universal, multifunctional, T or Y-shaped tools with several components that can help you to repair, tighten, or reassemble your skateboard. These kinds of tools enable you to repair, replace, or fine-tune your skateboard without having to get your skateboard fixed at a shop. Keeping this type of tool on hand will help enable you to change your wheels, tighten the screws, change grip tape, repair the screw thread, or change the bearings right at home or where you are.

The best skate tools in the market will have a detachable Allen/hex key feature, a Phillips screwdriver head, a bearing press/remover, a grip tape file, or a bottle opener.


A standard T-Tool consists of two main parts: a handle and a socket. The handle is usually made of metal or plastic, and the socket is designed to fit over the kingpin nut on the truck.

Handy, sturdy, portable, and lightweight

The most innovative models of skateboard tools help you clean your bearings, install new grip tape, and change wheels and trucks fast with a ratchet to turn the tool easily. If you plan to ride downhill, ride on streets, or ride at a local skatepark, these skate tools will always come in handy when you are out and about.

Sturdy tools are usually made out of heavy-duty steel and plastics that make the tools both durable and affordable. Tools that are also lightweight and portable to carry in a backpack or pocket are the perfect size to repair on the go.

Do skate tools work on all skateboards?

Typical skate tools work on most skateboards. Although most skate tools are designed to work on all types of skateboards, some are only specialized for certain types of skateboards.

For example, certain electric skateboards require special tools, since the hardware is considered non-standard. It depends on the type of skateboard you are using. Some skateboard tools come with an axle re-threader, which can be nice for riders who utilize truck stands.

Is a skateboard tool necessary?

A skateboard tool is not necessary for every skateboarder, but it can be extremely useful in certain situations where you need to make a quick fix. If you regularly ride your skateboard in skate parks, doing tricks can increase your need to facilitate a quick repair.

young man in carpentry workshop fixing wheel on his skateboard

Here are some of our favorite skateboard tools that we’ve found:

Ace AF1 Skate Tool

The Ace skate tool is basic, but you can take it apart to stow it away easily. The tool comes with an axle re-threader that is hidden inside the tool without making it bulky. Here are its benefits.

  • very solid, indestructible (100% high-grade steel)
  • compact & portable (breaks down to the size of an extra-large chapstick)
  • comes with every tool you need – kingpin and axle threaders, Phillips, Allen, kingpin & axel nuts, mounting hardware, and griptape file.
  • reasonably priced (starts at $23.50 direct from company)

Cons: It is hard to take out the screwdriver since you have to push it on a hard surface to pop it out. The ace tool is very sturdy and has some weight. It is made out of quality steel, making it nearly impossible to break.

This is a great tool to make minor adjustments to your skateboard setup and fixing axles. Assembling trucks takes a longer amount of time, since it lacks a ratchet.

Prime8 Skate Tool

This skate tool is another well-built tool that comes with everything you need. The only thing it lacks is a re-threader, which you can buy separately. Here are the benefits of this tool:

  • multi-functional abilities allow you to adjust axle nuts, change the bearings, mounting hardware, and the kingpin nut on the top of the truck
  • all-steel ratchet system
  • reversible axle/kingpin socket
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • precision bearing pusher
  • grip-tape file

The tool is solid, yet lightweight. It has a great grip that makes it easier to remove rusty kingpin nuts or axle nuts that are squashed.

Silver Skate Tool

This tool enables you to assemble a lot of setups. The ratchet is most efficient at removing and attaching the trucks. It has some weight to it, yet it isn’t too bulky and is durable. It doesn’t have a re-threader, but it works just as well as the other tools. Features include:

  • Ratchet feature
  • Custom griptape file
  • Kingpin & axel sockets
  • Slide-out reversible screwdriver
  • Allen attachment

What is the best skateboard tool for tightening the trucks?

There are a few different skateboard tools that can be used to tighten the trucks of your skateboard, but not all of them are effective. The best tool for tightening the trucks is the wrench, which is designed to perfectly fit onto the axle nuts, making it easier to work with them as necessary.

If you don’t have access to a wrench, you can also use a socket set or an adjustable wrench. The only disclaimer is the fact that it is not as suitable for the job as using a wrench. It may slip off of the skateboard and cause damage to the threads.

young man repairs a skateboard and changes wheel sets in a home workshop

The cost of skateboard tools can vary depending on several factors, including the brand, quality, and the specific tools included in the kit. On average, a basic skateboard tool that includes a wrench for tightening trucks, a screwdriver for assembling components, and a tool for adjusting axle nuts and bolts typically ranges from $10 to $25. These affordable options are suitable for most skaters and provide essential functionality. However, if you’re looking for higher-end or specialized tools, you may find sets that cost $25 or more. Ultimately, the price you pay for skateboard tools depends on your specific needs and preferences, but there are options available to fit a wide range of budgets, making it accessible for skaters of all levels.

In conclusion, skateboard tools are the unsung heroes of every skater’s toolkit, ensuring that your board remains finely tuned and ready for action. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner just embarking on your skateboarding journey, investing in the right tools is a small price to pay for the significant impact they can have on your riding experience. The ability to perform at-home repairs and maintenance not only saves you time and money but also deepens your connection to your board. By understanding the importance of skateboard tools and how to use them effectively, you’re not only prolonging the life of your deck but also enhancing your overall skating experience. So, grab your tools, get out there, and ride on with confidence. Skateboarding has never felt better!

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