Customize Your Ride: Personalizing Your Skateboard with Stickers and Art

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Anyone can buy a skateboard, but it’s fun to have one that’s yours. Using paint and stickers, it’s possible to add a unique design to your board to ensure it’s recognizable by anyone as yours. Plus, customization will allow you to theme your boards in ways that don’t exist in the traditional market.

To personalize your ride, consider doing the following:

  • Plan your design ahead of time
  • Prepare the deck
  • Add primer if you’re painting
  • Practice painting, then paint
  • Add decals and a clear coat
  • Consider sticker placement

Your design will be yours after this point.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to customize your ride, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re interested in painting your skateboard or placing colorful stickers on the deck, it’s possible – plan out your design, pick the materials, and get to work. Keep reading to learn more about personalizing your board with stickers and art.

Plan Your Design Ahead of Time

Before adding anything to your board (especially anything permanent) it’s helpful to plan your design ahead of time. Consider if you’re using paint, stickers, or decals. Also, pick your theme, characters, and words for the board. It’s easier to add than to take away, so mapping everything out will prevent issues from arising.

Here are some tactics you can use to plan the design:

  • Trace the measurements of your skateboard and practice drawing inside.
  • Gently use a pencil to sketch on the skateboard.
  • Place stickers and stencils on the board to envision it without putting down ink or stickers.

These should help you get an idea of what you want to do.

You can also look up inspiration for designs online or art created from the theme you’re looking at. There is plenty of information if you’re looking to theme your board after something from pop culture and beyond. 

Prepare the Deck

Before you can paint the deck, you must prepare the deck. If there’s a design, sand it off and remove all the components. If you can, find a blank board without all the hardware attached to make the process easier. Investing in a plain board is the best idea. 

Before you sand anything, ensure you use protective equipment such as a mask or gloves. Use sandpaper with a rough grit, then shift to a finer one as you press onto the main surface.

Add Primer if Painting

If you are painting your board, you can then use primer on your skateboard to prep the surface for the art. Primer will ensure everything stays on the board, and you don’t waste your time and energy on something that will fall off right away. 

There are many primer colors, so pick one depending on what you want to use for most of your board. From gray to white, the choices are endless and will make your process much easier when the painting itself begins. 

Carve Details

With the primer on the surface, continue the customization process by carving out the details on the board before putting down anything perfect. Although this step takes a little more effort, it will make you feel confident when it’s time to paint and will ensure you don’t need to redo anything.

To carve the details:

  • Draw out your design on paper or use a decal
  • Secure it to the board with tape
  • Use a sharp hobby knife to cut out the design

Remove the paper, and you will have an excellent outline.

Take care of the design and ensure it’s lined up before cutting anything. Also, ensure your knife is sharp and don’t press too hard to avoid hurting yourself or cutting through the board.

Practice Painting – Then Paint

Now that you have everything traced, practice painting your design on another paper before taking your first step with the board. Try a couple trial runs and different layouts to land on one that suits your needs.

Once you have your final design, use it to copy while you paint the piece of art on the base of your ride. Remember, it’s up to you – if you want to make any changes while you’re painting, it’s your choice. This skateboard is yours! 

Add Decals/Clear Coat

Once you have the final design down, consider if you want any decals. If you do, follow the directions on the packaging and place them down. Decals can add a unique texture to the base of your board.

With decals and paint on the base, add a clear coat to seal the design in place. If you don’t clear coat the design, you risk harming it from the typical wear and tear of skateboarding. 

Consider Sticker Placement

Another way to customize your skateboard is to add stickers – different from decals and paint. Stickers don’t require you to be good at art, which is ideal for those who are a little afraid to tackle such a big art project on their board.

Invest in an adhesive and clean the areas where you want stickers on the board. Place them first without removing the back. Trim anything necessary. Then, carefully apply the stickers while smoothing them down to prevent bubbles from appearing. You can even add stickers on top of the paint and decals. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to customize your board, there are several things you should do. Plan your design, prepare the deck, add primer, carve details, practice painting, paint, and then add decals and a clear coat. Then, consider sticker placement. Alternatively, you could add stickers if you don’t want to go through the painting. 

We hope this information was helpful! Although it does take some effort to effectively customize your ride, it’s worth it for a board that will be yours. One thing is sure – no one else will have the same board as you if you’re original with your design, making it priceless and sure to stand out amongst other options.




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