Skateboarder’s Toolbox: Must-Have Tools for DIY Skateboard Maintenance

skateboarders toolbox must have tools for diy skateboard maintenance
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Having tools on hand while you’re out skateboarding can mean the difference between having to call it a day to go home and make repairs, or being able to take a five minute break to make some adjustments, because you have what you need already with you! These are some of the best tools on Amazon you can use to keep up on your skateboard.

Zeato All-In-One Skate Tools

This is a well-known gadget with positive reviews. It has seven different colors and designs, and its popularity gives it a high rank on Amazon. This product is a multi-functional skateboard tool that enables you to change axle nuts, mounting hardware, and kingpins. It’s perfect for skateboard assembly, works on a variety of different skateboards, and can easily fit in your pocket, making it the perfect took for the skater on the go.

Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings

Want to carry around a few bearings, just in case you need to install some quick replacements? This little kit comes with several bearings, as well as the tool to make the installation. With over 4000 ratings and a ranking of 4.8 stars as of November ’24, this kit has left thousands of customers very satisfied.

BESIY All-in-one Skate Tools

A fantastic option when it comes to a more general “all in one” kind of tool, the BESIY All-in-one Multi-Functional Portable Skate Tool is affordable, portable, and has a 4.8 star rating, making it one of the best tools when it comes to buyer satisfaction.

This package comes with a total of two separate pieces, and each piece comes with five to six attachments on it to help you maintain and care for your skateboard. Prepared to deal with a variety of socket sizes and screw heads, these mini tools will make nearly every aspect of hardware maintenance easy to deal with while you’re out and about.    

What are the Skateboard Maintenance Basics?


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Keeping your skateboard clean prevents you from getting into dangerous situations with your skateboard which can lead to cuts, scrapes, or infections. Not cleaning your wheels leads to slower speeds, unnecessary friction, and excess wear and tear on your skateboard bearings.

All of these things negatively impact your skateboard experience over time. This wear and tear that could have been prevented early on makes it more difficult to repair once the damage is unrepairable.

To clean your skateboard wheels, you need to clean the wood parts of the skateboard with a damp cloth, wipe down the deck with a dry cloth, and use dishwashing liquid to clean the excess glue off of the skateboard.

Rotate Skateboard Wheels

One of the best ways to maintain your skateboard is through periodically rotating your skateboard wheels. Skateboard wheels are typically made out of polyurethane material that is made in various shapes and sizes.

To do this, you should always check with your skateboard manual to determine the correct procedures to maintain your skateboard correctly, and understand the specific specifications that include the width, size, and diameter measurements of the skateboard.

To rotate your skateboard wheels, you need to prepare, know if your wheels need to be rotated, and rotate your skateboard wheels. Here are the steps to rotating your skateboard wheels.

Step 1: Remove the axle nut and speed washers from each wheel. 

The axle nuts of a skateboard wheel are the thick, hexagon shaped pieces of metal that are in charge of holding the center of each wheel in place while on your skateboard. The speed washers are the thin piece of metal that is placed directly below the nut. Unscrew these nuts by and washers with a skate tool or wrench and set aside to use later.

Step 2: Pull the bearing out of the wheel

The bearing is a small metal cylinder that fits in the center of the wheel and helps your wheels to stay attached to the main axle. Slide the wheel off and hold it at a forty-five-degree angle along the end of the axle. Then, grip the wheel and pull it in an upwards motion that separates it from the bearing.

There are two bearings in each wheel. When completely replacing your wheels, there should be eight bearings in total. If your bearings are looking worse, clean them first before installing the new bearings.

Step 3: Install the wheels

Once you pressed the first bearing in place, slide the second bearing onto the skateboard axle. Then, slip the spacer on top of the second bearing. You can do this by pressing it and installing it into place as normal.

Extend the Life of Skateboard Wheels

In addition to regularly extending the life of your wheels, there are a few tips that can help extend the life span of those wheels.

Avoid riding on rough terrain. Riding on rocks, gravel, or other hard surfaces can cause permanent damage to your wheels, leading to flat wheels and poor performance.

Use resilient wheels. One common thing that longboarders do is using a wheel that uses a lot of thane lines behind while sliding. While this makes your wheels go faster, it also wears you wheels twice as fast.

Keep your slides under 90 degrees. When sliding your wheels at 90 degrees, they stop spinning within the slide. When the wheel stops spinning, the wheel starts getting worn down, and in the end creates a flat spot. Doing this too often doesn’t allow the wheels to ride smoothly.



Storage for Protection

Refrain from storing your skateboard in the trunk of a car, shed, or garage in freezing or hot temperatures. Keeping your board in extreme hot or cold temperatures for long periods of time can ruin the board.

Store the skateboard in cool temperatures and dry places when your board is not actively being used. Do not store your skateboard in direct sunlight or near a heat source. Putting the board near extreme heat can cause the deck to warp. For more storage tips, check out this article on long-term skateboard storage.

As we wrap up our exploration of the skateboarder’s toolbox, it becomes evident that the right set of tools is not just a complement to your skating experience; it’s a necessity for maintaining the longevity and performance of your beloved board. From the versatile skate tool that adjusts everything from trucks to hardware, to bearing pullers and file kits that address specific needs, assembling a well-equipped toolbox empowers you to be a hands-on steward of your skateboard. Regular maintenance isn’t just about preserving the life of your deck; it’s a statement of commitment to your craft and a means of ensuring that each ride is met with optimal performance. So, whether you’re fine-tuning your setup for that next trick or conducting routine maintenance, let your skateboarder’s toolbox be your trusted companion, enhancing not only your board’s lifespan but your overall skateboarding journey. Skate on, equipped and empowered!

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