Kickflip Kickstart: Step-by-Step Tutorial for Learning the Kickflip

kickflip kickstart step by step tutorial for learning the kickflip

Are you an enthusiastic boarder who wants to learn how to do a kickflip? You’re one of many. Full disclosure: this trick is by no means easy. To get it down, you’ll need a solid set of instructions, and that’s what you’ll get here. We’ve done all the research and will share a step-by-step tutorial for learning the kickflip. 

A kickflip is sort of like an ollie, but instead of simply popping your board and landing, you’ll flick and spin your board before landing. The pros make it look easy – like one simple motion. But there are multiple steps you’ll need to execute for success. Keep reading for the simplest kickflip explanation you’ll find online. 

Step 1: Determine Whether You’re Ready

Before we get into the official steps, ensure that you’re at the right skill level to take this trick on. If you’re completely green, you could be in for more frustration than anything. There may also be an increased risk of injury for those who aren’t yet comfortable on their skateboards. 

So, ensure that you’re able to at least ride your skateboard comfortably without feeling like you’re going to fall or lose control. Better yet, get a few ollies down before going for a kickflip.  

Step 2: Get Into Your Starting Foot Position 

To start your kickflip, hop on your board and ensure that your feet are in the right place. Here are some tips to get this part right:

Front foot: 

  • Place it right behind your skateboard’s front bolts. 
  • Make sure your front foot is at about a 45-degree angle going towards the front of your board. 

Back foot: 

  • Middle of the tail. 
  • Ensure you shift your body weight to your toes rather than your heel. 

It’s essential to take some time to set up your foot position before each kickflip attempt. 

Step 3: Mind Your Body Position

Your foot position is incredibly important when you’re trying to nail a kickflip. But don’t forget about your overall posture as you go into this trick. Keep these tips in mind as well. 

  • Try your best not to let your body hang forward. 
  • Turn your body so that your shoulders and board are aligned. 

Step 4: Pop the Back of the Board

It’s officially time to get into the kickflip steps. The first thing you’ll do is pop your skateboard up as if you’re going to do an ollie. To do so, you’ll shift your weight to your back foot and bend your front knee as you jump vertically. If you do this part right, your skateboard will rise up. 

Step 5: Flick and Spin the Board

Now, it’s time to flick your board. To do so, you’ll bend your front ankle downward and move your foot towards the nose at a very slight angle. At the same time, lift your back foot.  

Then, use your front foot to make the board spin. It’s as simple as flicking the side of the front edge of the board with your front foot. This will make the board spin horizontally on its axis. 

Step 7: Land

Timing is key for every part of this trick, but especially for the landing. To land, you’ll need to get both feet back on the board before the board spins an additional time. Once you get your feet aligned with your board again, you’ll simply ride it back down until you meet the ground again. Bend your knees slightly as you make contact with the ground. 

Practice is Key

After reading this guide, you might be excited to try the kickflip out, and that’s really good! On the other hand, you might be feeling hesitant about the whole thing. Regardless, you should know that practice is key if you want to nail this trick. Chances are you won’t execute it correctly until you’ve tried dozens if not hundreds of times – or more. So, be prepared to put in serious time to perfect your technique. 

And it never hurts to watch other people perform the trick. There are some amazing videos on YouTube that allow you to see every step of the trick from start to finish. Visualizing how the trick is done while attempting it can really help you. 

Mistakes to Be on the Lookout For

With the steps above, you’re in a really good spot. You can go outside and start practicing. But there are some mistakes that make it harder to nail this trick:

  • Leaning too far either way at any point. For this trick, you’ll want to keep your shoulders aligned with the board at all times. Also, the board should always be directly under you. If it is not, you’ll have issues. 
  • Not flicking the board hard enough/too hard. There is a sweet spot when it comes to flicking your board. You shouldn’t do it too hard, or else your board will go flying. At the same time, you don’t want to do it too softly – the board won’t turn a full revolution. 
  • Having your feet too close together. Keep your front foot at about the same level as the front bolts on your board.
  • Looking down the whole time. You want to ensure that you’re looking in the direction you expect to go on your board. This is for your own safety. 
  • Not jumping vertically. In order to get enough height for the trick, you’ll need to jump before you flick. After enough practice, you’ll be able to get a feel for how high you should jump. 
  • Inconsistency in foot positioning. Foot positioning is crucial. If you’re not paying attention to the orientation of your feet, you could land on one foot, fail to spin the board correctly, or have other issues. If you feel the need to adjust your feet, make small adjustments. 

So, there you have it – how to do a kickflip step by step. We hope you found all the information you were looking for, and we wish you the best as you attempt this iconic trick! 

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