Rust Prevention: Shielding Your Skateboard Hardware from Corrosion

rust prevention shielding your skateboard hardware from corrosion

You’re getting ready to go for a ride on your skateboard, only to realize the hardware is covered in a layer of rust. Needless to say, you’ll have to devise a plan to clean it or buy new hardware altogether. But why did this happen in the first place, and how can you prevent rust in the future?

The best way to prevent your skateboard hardware from corrosion is to keep it dry, clean it regularly, and apply a protective coating. You can also fend off rusting by opting for rust-resistant materials like stainless steel or ceramic. Avoid riding in wet conditions and stay away from saltwater.

Nobody wants to deal with a rusty skateboard – and this article can help. Below, you will find the top eight methods to stave off rust and enjoy longevity from your skateboard. 

6 Ways to Avoid Rusted Hardware from Corrosion

Noticing that your skateboard hardware has become a rusty disaster is nothing short of a nightmare. Not only will you be unable to ride your favorite board, but you’ll have to come up with a plan to make it usable again.

Thankfully, there are many ways to halt rust in its tracks:

Clean Your Skateboard Regularly

While it may be tempting to toss your skateboard into the garage after a ride and never think twice, you’ll be doing your skateboard a serious disservice. Like almost everything else you own, your skateboard needs to be taken care of and cleaned regularly. When it comes to cleaning your skateboard, it is imperative to use the proper cleaners. Some chemicals can be too harsh for your skateboard, thus leading it to rust and other complications.

The best option is to use a skateboard-specific cleaner. As the name suggests, these cleaners are explicitly designed to tackle skateboards safely and efficiently. If you don’t want to buy an extra product, you can also opt for a very mild soap. 

The other important thing to consider when cleaning your skateboard is drying it off completely when you’re finished. Leaving your board wet can lead to rust – the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish by regularly cleaning it.

rust prevention shielding your skateboard hardware from corrosion 1

Apply a Protective Coating

This goes somewhat hand-in-hand with cleaning, but honestly, it deserves its own section. Why? Because it is incredibly important and can work wonders at fending off the dreaded rust.

When you’re finished cleaning and drying your skateboard, go ahead and cover it in a thin layer of protective coating. There are many rust-resistant sprays you can use to douse your skateboard’s hardware.

Keep it Dry

Moisture + skateboards = disaster. 

No, seriously.

Moisture speeds up the rusting process, making your skateboard a rusty and inefficient nightmare. With that in mind, the best advice is always to keep your skateboard dry. This also means securing the board in a dry place when not in use. Never store your skateboard in an area prone to moisture – i.e., leaving it outside, especially in locations with plenty of rainfall or snow.

Don’t Skateboard in Wet Conditions

Many people wonder whether or not they can take their skateboard for a ride while it’s raining or snowing. The simple answer to this question is, no, you cannot ride your skateboard in wet conditions. This is for two primary reasons. For one, riding while it’s raining or snowing is dangerous. The slippery conditions can easily lead to injuries, from minor scratches and bruises to more severe wounds. Second, remember that rust loves moisture. So, if you take your skateboard for a spin in wet conditions, you’ll likely end up with rust a lot quicker.

Stave off injuries and keep your skateboard in good condition by avoiding a ride while it’s raining or snowing. In fact, wait until the ground has dried before deciding to head out. If you attempt to ride while the ground is still wet, dry off your board entirely when you’re finished.

Be Careful Around Saltwater

It can be oodles of fun to take your skateboard for a spin around the beach. And for the most part, there’s nothing wrong with that. The only potential problem is if your skateboard comes in contact with the saltwater. Saltwater is like a double whammy for rust. As mentioned previously, moisture is a creator of rust. However, salt is also a rust contributor. Put the two together, and you have a rusting powerhouse that will surely take over your skateboard.

If your skateboard accidentally makes contact with the saltwater, give it a good rinse and dry it off completely.

Go With Stainless Steel or Ceramic

Skateboard hardware comes in various materials. And to be fair, if you’re new to the world of skateboarding, you likely won’t pay too much attention to it. But if you continuously end up with rusty hardware, it’s time to pay attention to the materials on your skateboard.

The best choice for corrosion resistance is stainless steel. That said, opt for stainless steel hardware in every area possible on your skateboard – for example, bolts, nuts, and washers. If you can’t find stainless steel, the runner-up pick is ceramic. Ceramic is also an excellent material for fending off rust. 

How to Remove Rust from Skateboard Hardware

If you’re in a rusty predicament, you must act fast. Tackling rust in its initial stages is far easier and not too challenging. You’ll need to start by removing all of the skateboard hardware. Then, use a wire brush to remove any rust. If the rust is difficult to remove, you have three options:

  • Soak the hardware in one cup of water mixed with one cup of vinegar for one hour. Rinse and dry.
  • Mix baking soda with water to form a paste and apply it to the hardware before gently scrubbing it off with a small brush, like a toothbrush.
  • Use a skateboard-specific rust remover – follow the instructions on the box.

When you’re finished tackling the rust, apply a lubricant to stave off future rusty outbreaks. Reassemble your skateboard and enjoy the ride!

Beyond the Grind: Ensuring Your Skateboard Stays Rust-Free

Fending off a rusty skateboard isn’t too tricky. The best thing to do is to keep it dry and avoid riding in wet conditions. Regular cleaning will significantly reduce rust, especially if you apply a protective coating afterward. Consider going with stainless steel or ceramic hardware.

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