Rolling in Style: A Guide to Selecting Trendy Skateboard Apparel

rolling in style a guide to selecting trendy skateboard apparel

Skateboard fashion is known for its unique and laid-back style, often influenced by streetwear and urban culture. 

There are five top skateboard clothing trends that have been popular and are worn on the streets today: graphic tees, loose-fitting pants, hoodies, headwear, and skate shoes. Each of these pieces is key to pulling together a trendy skateboarding look. 

Keep reading for key examples of each clothing trend and find your skateboarding style today!

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees with bold and eye-catching designs have long been a staple in skateboard fashion. Logos, artworks, and quirky illustrations often adorn these shirts, reflecting the vibrant and expressive nature of skateboarding culture.

Graphic tees are not merely articles of clothing, but vibrant canvases that tell a story of the skateboard culture’s dynamic and expressive essence. These shirts, bedecked with bold and eye-catching designs, serve as a fundamental pillar in skateboarding fashion. 

Logos of renowned skateboarding brands, intricate artworks, and quirky illustrations create a visual tapestry that mirrors the energy and individuality intrinsic to the skateboarding community.

Check out these graphic tees to wear on your next skateboarding trip:

The graphics on these tees offer more than just aesthetics; they’re a chance to really express your creative identity. From iconic skate logos to abstract and avant-garde designs, graphic tees capture the rebellious spirit and artistic inclinations of skateboarders. 

The very act of choosing a graphic tee is a form of self-expression, allowing skateboarders to show off their style and personality to the world. Whether they’re covered in street art-inspired visuals, band names, or featuring tongue-in-cheek messages, graphic tees push the envelope in a way that skaters have always been known to do. 

As skateboard culture continually evolves, these tees remain a canvas for self-expression, providing a platform for artists and designers to contribute to the ever-expanding tapestry of skateboard-inspired fashion. You could even get your friends to sign them for you!

Baggy Jeans and Cargo Pants

Loose-fitting jeans and cargo pants are frequently seen in skateboard fashion: think 2005 Avril Lavigne. These comfortable and functional bottoms provide the freedom of movement that skateboarders need. Additionally, they contribute to the relaxed, casual, slightly “slouchy” aesthetic associated with the skateboarding community.

Next time you want to rock some baggy pants, check out these styles:

Having loose fitting pants not only helps you “look the part” of a skateboarder, but allows you to freely move without any constraints. This is an essential wardrobe item if you want to look like all the other skateboarders and still perform real, cool tricks. 

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Hoodies and sweatshirts are essential for skateboarders, offering both comfort and style. Often oversized and adorned with logos or graphics, these pieces are perfect for layering during colder skate sessions and contribute to the sport’s effortlessly cool vibe.

Hoodies and sweatshirts stand as essential components of the skateboarder’s wardrobe, seamlessly merging comfort with a distinctive style that resonates with the laid-back stereotypes of skateboarding culture. Plus, they’re easy to move around in!

Typically, skateboarders gravitate towards oversized hoodies and sweatshirts, creating a relaxed silhouette that not only provides ample room for movement but also gives off a streetwear-inspired aesthetic. If you are going to wear one of these, you should try to wear one that’s not too baggy. It could impact your ride. 

Hoodies and sweatshirts can be layered with other pieces of clothing, too. While that’s great for staying warm, it’s also a cool look. Throwing a baggy t-shirt on over your sweatshirt keeps the excess fabric exposed to a minimum, too. You don’t want anything slowing you down! 

When you’re skating, layers are your best friend. If you fall, you have something between your skin and the ground, which can help prevent injuries. Always keep in mind that sweatshirts, sweatpants, and hoods should never, ever be used in place of a helmet or pads!

Snapback Hats and Beanies

Headwear is a crucial accessory in skateboard fashion. Snapback hats with flat brims and embroidered logos are popular for a streetwear-inspired look. Beanies, especially in colder weather, add a touch of skater chic while keeping things practical.

If you need some coll hats for skating, check these options out:

Hats provide yet another form of expression in an outfit. Let your hat tell a story. Oftentimes these hats aren’t just to keep you warm. But do keep safety first in mind and choose a hat that can accommodate your helmet!

Skate Shoes

Our final trendy item is skate shoes. Skate shoes are not just for functionality, but have become a fashion statement. Brands like Vans, Nike SB, and Converse dominate the skate shoe scene, offering a variety of styles and colorways. Many skate shoes are also weighted on the bottom, which helps keep you steady.

If you are searching for a classic skate shoe, look no further:

Classic silhouettes, such as low-top sneakers with durable soles, remain popular choices among skateboarders. Remember that skating is not just about the wardrobe, thougH: use your skills and enhance your look with a trendy wardrobe. 

Conclusion: Skate in Style with the Trends

Skateboarding is not just about having a cool skill it’s also about having a sick wardrobe. It’s important to note that skateboard fashion is highly diverse and often evolves with the preferences of the community. 

While these trends capture the essence of skateboard clothing, individuality and personal expression play a significant role in shaping one’s skate style. Maybe just don’t go skating in a suit, you know?

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