The Krux Hole

Often, when people inquire about truck brands, they ask about the unique design feature of Krux Trucks. They have a hole. The hangars a la Krux aren’t poured in quite the same mold as the others, as you might see. But why is that?

Surely it is not because the forgery ordered the wrong parts. And if they had, they (NHS) surely would have corrected the mistake by now… Of course, these two statements are true. The distinct hole in the truck design gives a quirky flavor to the brand that loyalists seem to love. Is the hole there for holding an extra hardware bolt? Does it exist to create the perfect echo during your crooked grinds? Or is it just an ode to ice fishing? We suspect none of the above.

Though they may might not have the Thrasher ad space of their sister (brother?) company Independent Trucks, Krux are at the crux (see what we did there?) of innovation. When the hole is exempt from the aluminum pour, the structural integrity isn’t compromised. Yet… the hangars of the trucks are lighter and thus, easier to lift and flick while skating your local loading dock. Technical speak too much for you? Let’s talk about their badass team…

Nora. Need we say more? The queen of the world’s skatepark – there must be something in the Massachusetts water. Or Hawaii?? Her teammate Ryan Lay is another special talent. An Arizona gem, Ryan has the switch/nollie game to match anyone out right now. If the line-up needed to be any more fun, we have enjoi royalty Louie Barletta and Nestor Judkins in the mix! And a favorite of many, the best from the midwest, Marbie Miller. If Marbie got a signature truck we wouldn’t be mad at that, Krux… (wink, wink). For some true variety, throw Chaz Ortiz (longtime rider) in the mix, and the list goes on and on

So next time you’re shopping around for a new pair of trucks, think Krux! …or at least try them.

Love Skateboarding.

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