Volcom has us Holy Stoked

Volcom Stone has been a household name since I can remember, as a twenty-something year-old skate nerd. Always for the surfers, always for the skaters, always for the posers. But always what you wanted. Volcom. They’ve been making full-length skate videos for quite some time, their first being “Alive We Ride” in 1993. That first one, amongst many, was a crossover (surf AND skate) film, but there have been some classic skate-only films produced by the in-house production company. Chicagof was an instant classic, many would argue, and the Volcom skate team is always heavily stacked.
Pick a card, any card at all. Tranny rippers, tech gods, and big rail chompers alike find their homes at the Volcom camp. And if it were ever highlighted, it’s right here in this new feature film, “Holy Stoked!” The film opens up with a full, double part of young-gun-all-grown-up, Louie Lopez. In my humble opinion, he had the best skate part of the video but is too young to hold the torch of Volcom’s legacy (last part). Not quite yet, but hang in there Louie! Next up is the bit more veteran, Chris Pfanner. Simple tricks, best style. That’s all you need to know. Planner shares a part with the new Real pro, Kyle Walker. So many crowd favorites came right out the gate, that we didn’t know what to think! Also, there was a trend of Vans & adidas riders so heavy that we were starting to be amazed by the amount some of these dudes have filmed for multiple “blockbuster” films like these. So much respect!
Following the first three riders’ parts, there’s a short skit reiterating the California drought and its significance to skating pools… Which segued into a nice pool riding part. A shared part isn’t usually that FIRE, but with THIS team, it definitely was. Everyone from CJ Collins to Omar Hassan and David Gonzalez to Collin Provost. The mix was as real as the tricks were. And each spot as fun to see as the next skater. The 4-K production and cinematography was done so in a way that emphasized the pure energy that is skating pools. So the pool skating part was pure stoke as a spectator. If you’ve never wanted to skate a pool, it might make you reconsider. And if you’re through and through with it, it might just make you fall in love again.
The 4-K onslaught continues, as Russell Houghton brings another crucial facet of skating to the screen – the picnic table. How many people have skated on or seen people skate on the picnic tables and benches of their schoolyards and parking lots? Each and every one of us. So bringing a picnic table to the desert, the beach, the jetway, every place you can imagine was a really nice touch and tribute to what being a street skater is all about. Jordan Trahan, Daan van der Linden, Kyle Walker, and all the homies completely destroy these picnic table(s) with scenic background, and it is so symbolic to skaters everywhere. Bravo, Volcom!
Daan van der Linden
Daan van der Linden
The video continued to include the likes of Ryan Sheckler, Alex Midler, Pedro Barros, Milton Martinez, Ben Raemers and more. And every skater brought their own flavor to the brand. Their own spice to the video. And their own stoked to “Holy Stoked!” Even Dustin Dollin, who didn’t have a single landed trick in the video, brought his own spin to Volcom and everything that they stand for. I would go on, but I think you should honestly just watch the video and create your own perspective.
Volcom has done it again, which means words can’t quite describe the experience that you’re headed for. Dive in and pay attention. Turn off your phone, so Instagram can’t notify you of every insignificant clip. Dust off those glasses, so you can see every dusty detail. And grab a beer to calm your nerves, so you don’t have a heart attack when you see the madness unfold. It’s time to get stoked.
Holy Stokes!

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