Long Beach Agenda Show

And so it was time. That time of year, for Agenda in June. Long Beach, California had drawn people from far and wide within the skateboarding industry. Shop owners, sales reps, brand managers, and pro skaters alike. The Long Beach Convention Center housed the trade show, but skateboarding and other lifestyles held the vibes together.
Agenda – June 2016
Skateboarding isn’t the only activity that fuels the brands at this trade show, but skaters definitely make the show what it is. Industry vets, interns and road reps all came together to stay in touch, open new accounts, reveal new product lines, and just hang out! Always a blast to get together with skate-minded folk, Agenda makes the time for everyone to convene.
Jamie’s Leap of Faith
Most of our favorite brands were there and showing off future product. Many of the brands we carry were hanging out, and we were stoked to say “hi.” Pizza Skateboards had a popular spot, Dwindle Dist. had a cool booth (complete with insert-face-here image of the Leap of Faith), and Surplus Distribution was repping Mystery and LE!
The after-parties and free goodies didn’t hurt ;), but we we’re just stoked to be around skating and skaters in Southern California.
Can’t wait ’til the next one in January!

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