Daewon in DAEWON

People will often throw around the term “G.O.A.T.” like they would the word “awesome.” At least some of the time, that claim matches its merit, but all too commonly it simply does not. We’ll also see that skateboarders from Southern California seem more likely to reach success in a career, but those skaters don’t always owe it to their geographical serendipity. The Greatest Of All Time CAN actually occur in SoCal with the purest and most potent effect. One example: Daewon Song.

Recently, adidas Skateboarding collaborated with Transworld Skateboarding to create “DAEWON” a documentary about the life of the legendary skateboarder. It was accompanied by an iconic schoolyard table contest, judged by the man himself, Ronnie Bertino, and Joey Suriel. One thing that sets Daewon apart is his maintaining skill compared to much younger sponsored skaters currently at the peak of their performance. His drive to keep progression as a part of his life is both admirable and sometimes unbelievable.

From his early days in Gardena, CA skating schoolyards without any sponsors, to his time as a skateboarder at World Industries. From staying the course with Rocco at Dwindle Distribution (Almost Skateboards) to now starting a new movement with Thank You Skateboards, Daewon has been in valleys and on mountaintops throughout his life. But most recently, he has been celebrated as one of the greatest street skateboarders of all time.

With his introduction to the adidas Skateboarding team with their Away Days video premiere in 2016, his induction into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame in 2017, and now his Documentary produced by Collin Kennedy in 2019, Daewon has every excuse to rest on his laurels. But instead, he is still out in the streets filming tricks, on tour signing autographs, and wearing a smile at every stop along the way.

If you haven’t already seen it, give “DAEWON” a watch. And congrats to you Daewon – a true G.O.A.T.!

Love Skateboarding.

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