Austin Packs a “Sucker Punch”

Austin Amelio: the man, the myth, the pro skater. Some of you may know him from the critically acclaimed television show “The Walking Dead“… But any Texan skater could probably tell you that he rides for No-Comply Skateshop in Austin, TX.

Those that do know him have probably seen a clip here or there on his Instagram. But where is his full part? Although this wasn’t his first, his piece in “Sucker Punch” was every bit as dramatic as it might sound. Roger Skateboards produced this video made by Max Taylor in a cultural capital of Austin, TX, with many clips from New York, Atlanta and other skate-cation cities in the U.S. Though he gets around in Sucker Punch, it’s not so much about where he skates but how he skates it. “Creative skater” is a term often overused or even meant in a condescending way, but Austin makes the most of his environment and truly does create new lines at each spot in the video.

Whether it’s taking a bigspin to a ditch with an angle never before seen or turning a powerslide into a legitimate trick that naturally leads into the next, Austin’s sense of opportunity at spots is the missing ingredient for many street skaters. The butter bench waves that he shreds in Sucker Punch would probably convince any surfer to to pick up a skateboard. This guy has a real eye for style. Austin can not only string the tricks together at a fun-looking spot; he can also throw down at a spot that looks impossible to skate. “Doesn’t that bank lead into a swamp?” “Yeah, just carve out dude.” We can hear the back and forth now.

Whether it’s talent, good vibes, or creative energy that you need in your life, we suggest that you head to this link and give Sucker Punch a watch. You won’t regret it, and Austin might surprise you. The city or the skater…

Thank you skateboarding.

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